Katara – the Cultural Village Foundation Monday hosted the unveiling of the "world's largest football boot" amid a festive atmosphere.
Held in co-ordination with Katara Public Diplomacy Centre, the event marked the launch of the Big Boot exhibition organised by Indian youth body Focus International.
The function included a cultural gala that started with a colourful fan procession and featured musical performances by Indian community members.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by Indian ambassador Dr Deepak Mittal, Katara Public Diplomacy Centre chief executive and Global Public Diplomacy Network secretary-general Darwish Ahmed al-Shaibani, Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) president P N Baburajan, Big Boot curator M Dileef, and representatives of various community organisations.
The Big Boot exhibition has been organised to further strengthen the cultural ties between Qatar and the Indian community while supporting the country’s efforts to host the World Cup.

The boot is designed by Kerala-based artist and curator Dileef, who is a Guinness World Record holder.
The Big Boot is 17’ long, 7’ high, and is made of leather, fibre, foam sheet and acrylic sheet.
The design of the made-in-India boot was completed in Qatar.
Al-Shaibani told *Gulf Times that all communities in Qatar have joined hands to celebrate the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
“It’s great that communities share the ideas together and do their part while exchanging cultural values,” he said. “Katara will stand as a cultural transit hub during the World Cup and its doors are open to all while welcoming people from all over the world.”

Focus International chief executive Shameer Valiyaveettil noted that the exhibition is aimed at introducing the tradition of cultural exchange between India and the Arab world to the new generation.
“This is our attempt to express solidarity with Qatar’s efforts while ensuring the participation of the Indian community,” he said.
“The exhibition is a sport and cultural event. The World Cup in Qatar is widely celebrated by Indians since they feel like the tournament has come to their home,” he said, expressing gratitude to Katara.

He added that the Indian football team played without boots in 1948.
Focus International chief operating officer Firos Chungathara noted that the exhibition highlights football as a sport that brings the global community together.
The main sponsors of the exhibition are the ICC, La Cigale Hotel, iMax Gold, Reyada Medical Centre, NBK Tours and Travels, and Radio Suno.
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