Qatar’s culinary landscape is poised for a major transformation as the Michelin Guide arrives in Doha for its 2025 selection, promising to elevate the country’s dining scene and hospitality industry to unprecedented heights, a Qatar Tourism (QT) official said.“This recognition acts as a powerful catalyst for tourism, attracting discerning travellers who rely on the Guide to discover exceptional dining experiences. Many travellers plan their visits around Michelin-starred establishments, underscoring Doha’s appeal as a destination committed to culinary quality and innovation,” Omar al-Jaber, Acting Chief of the Tourism Development Sector at QT, told Gulf Times.He noted that the Michelin Guide unveils Doha’s diverse culinary landscape, inviting travellers to embark on a gastronomic journey. From authentic Arabic and Middle Eastern flavours to a world of international cuisines, it promises enriching experiences that will leave a lasting impression on every visitor.QT recently announced the Guide’s expansion to Doha, marking the Guide’s commitment to highlighting global culinary scenes and promoting travel culture, a mission it has maintained since its founding in 1900.Al-Jaber said the Guide’s arrival will stimulate healthy competition within Qatar’s culinary landscape. This, he added, will encourage restaurants to constantly innovate and enhance their offerings, leading to a more diverse and sophisticated dining scene for both residents and visitors.He added that service excellence across the sector will further complement the Guide’s influence, ensuring that every aspect of a visitor’s dining and hospitality experience in Doha meets the highest standards.“We are particularly proud of this partnership as it signifies Qatar’s commitment to nurturing culinary talent and promoting luxury and quality. Doha has become a magnet for skilled chefs and professionals who see our city as a hub of opportunity for their creative expression and career advancement,” he pointed out.The QT official expressed confidence that this international acclaim will undoubtedly draw more tourists seeking memorable dining experiences, thereby boosting the local economy and hospitality sector.“This growth not only supports local employment but also encourages skill development and career advancement for individuals passionate about culinary arts and hospitality,” al-Jaber added. To Page 12He said Doha’s inclusion in the Michelin Guide’s global restaurant selections is expected to have a ripple effect throughout the region, promoting travel culture and culinary experiences in Qatar and the wider Middle East.Sharing a glimpse into the Michelin inspectors’ journey during their review process, al-Jaber said that they have likely encountered a variety of unique culinary trends and an eclectic mix of dining experiences that showcase the city’s diversity and innovation in gastronomy.He said the inspectors have been immersing themselves in both high-end restaurants and hidden gems across different neighbourhoods, ensuring a thorough and independent evaluation.By adhering to Michelin’s rigorous evaluation criteria, al-Jaber said such collaboration ensures that Doha remains at the forefront of culinary excellence, offering fresh and enticing experiences to visitors.According to al-Jaber, the decision to expand the Michelin Guide to Doha was driven by a number of compelling factors, demonstrating Qatar’s commitment to culinary excellence.“Qatar is rapidly emerging as a prominent global travel destination, blending rich Arabian traditions with a welcoming atmosphere that has captivated visitors worldwide for decades,” he said. “This unique cultural tapestry provides an ideal backdrop for showcasing diverse culinary experiences, making Doha a natural choice for the Michelin Guide’s expansion”.Highlighting QT’s key role in supporting the arrival of the Michelin Guide through several strategic initiatives, al-Jaber said: “This partnership ensures that our finest dining establishments are prominently recognised for their exceptional quality and service.“By showcasing these venues, we aim to elevate their profiles on a global stage, attracting discerning travellers who seek unparalleled culinary experiences.”