Katara Publishing House has announced that the 2024 Katara Exhibition for Antiques will launch on April 25 and run until April 30.

The exhibition will be held in Katara Hall Building 12 with the participation of local and international companies from 10 countries.

The 2024 Katara Exhibition for Antiques will include an open auction for antiques and old collectibles of historical value, in co-operation with AlBahie Auction House.

Valuable and rare collectibles from the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al-Thani Museum (FBQ) will be displayed, in addition to other antique collectibles from individuals and institutions and a special showcase of classic cars.

Katara Publishing House director Amira Ahmed al-Muhannadi said that the public is interested in acquiring antiques for their aesthetic value, while enthusiasts pay attention to which period the piece dates back to as well as its rarity since these aspects determine the value of the piece and its cost in auctions.

The participation of AlBahie Auction House includes displaying various and unique collections of rare art pieces, al-Muhannadi said.
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