Katara the Culture Village Foundation has concluded its Eid festivities, which lasted from April 10 to 13, presenting Katara's visitors with a rich diversity of culture, folkloric, artistic and musical performances and shows with the participation of artists from different organisations and schools.

Accordingly, Katara's Eid programmes have succeeded in entertaining large number of people and were able to amaze them in spite of their different backgrounds and preferences. Further, Katara's daily shows of fireworks kept many spectators entertained all through the nights of Eid festivities.

Children were the focus of many programmes and shows with a number of dedicated events for them such as theatrical performances and the distribution of Eid gifts. Besides, children were also active participants at a wide range of art workshops aimed at enhancing their creativity and artistic skills.

Meanwhile, the public highly enjoyed the performance by the Police Music Band at the conclusion of the festivities.
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