Thursday, June 13, 2024 | Daily Newspaper published by GPPC Doha, Qatar.
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Damage in Israeli air base after Iran attack

Israeli army footage of what it says is the damage caused by the Iranian attack on the Nevatim Air Base, which was launched late Saturday in retaliation for a deadly air strike widely blamed on Israel that destroyed its consular building in Syria's capital early this month. AFP

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Six months of bloodshed: The toll on Gaza’s children

The bloodiest ever Gaza war which broke out over six months ago has taken an appalling toll on children. NGO Save the Children estimates that some 26,000 children have been killed or injured in the war, 17,000 have been orphaned, according to UNICEF, and 1 in 3 children under two years old in northern Gaza is suffering from acute malnutrition. In total, at least 33,207 people have been killed in the besieged Palestinian territory in Israel's retaliatory campaign for the October 7 attack, according to Hamas-run Gaza's health ministry. The unprecedented Hamas raid on southern Israel resulted in the deaths of 1,170 Israelis and foreigners, most of them civilians, according to an AFP tally based on official Israeli figures. AFP

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Gazans struggle to secure flour for daily bread

"I spent the night on Kuwait Roundabout to secure this bag of flour", says a Palestinian in Gaza City carrying a bag of flour he managed to get from an aid truck. A UN-backed report warned that half of Gazans are experiencing "catastrophic" hunger, with famine projected to hit the north of the territory unless there is urgent intervention. AFP

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LG unveils 2024 line-up of air conditioners in Qatar

LG Electronics (LG) announced the launch of its latest air conditioner line-up for 2024 in Qatar as part of 'Life is Cool with Dualcool' campaign.LG's latest range of air conditioners are equipped with the most advanced cooling system to provide maximum comfort, even at temperatures up to 65°C.The flagship of the range, LG’s Dualcool Inverter Residential Air Conditioner, provides 60% faster and more consistent cooling. It features the LG’s Dual Inverter Compressor that constantly adjusts compressor’s speed to maintain desired temperature levels with minimal fluctuation, expelling air farther and faster and ensuring greater cooling performance.LG’s Dualcool Inverter Air Conditioners not only provide exceptional performance but also have a sleek and modern design that complements any home or location.The smart display feature allows users to easily monitor the AC’s status, while the exclusive anti-corrosion Gold Fin coating ensures long-lasting performance, making the AC durable against dust and sand.LG Electronics has also introduced Jetcool air conditioners. It has the most advanced cooling system for a comfortable life.LG’s exclusive anti-corrosion Gold Fin coating forms a protective shield that ensures longer lasting performance. Customers have the option to choose as per room size from 18000 BTU to 36000 BTU. Jetcool range of air-conditioners are equipped with anti-corrosive Gold Fin, which can withstand the salty air, rain & other corrosive elements.These newly launched air-conditioners are available at all leading hypermarkets and Jumbo retail stores across Qatar.Almost the entire range of Dualcool & Jetcool air-conditioners is equipped with wi-fi capabilities. With the ThinQ app people can easily control select range of air-conditioners from anywhere.Director & CEO of Video Home & Electronic Center, C V Rappai said: "Bringing innovation and comfort together, LG Smart Air Conditioners redefine cooling solutions for the consumers. With cutting-edge technology and sleek design, our aim is to provide not just relief from the heat, but an elevated living experience. Stay cool, stay connected with LG Smart Air Conditioners".

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