Idoneus VisionA global, borderless economy of luxury where value is exchanged securely, compliantly and without barriers.Idoneus MissionTo provide individuals with more freedom of movement, more options and provide extraordinary value and mobility through a borderless economy for luxury assets, goods and services.In these turbulent times, what can people do to protect their wealth?1. Diversify your portfolio:You must not be tied to any single asset, currency, or locale.Invest - not only in the standard markets - but also in physical assets which have a stable track record of holding value in times of increased inflation. Such as cash-flowing real estate assets and/or other asset classes which offer low holding costs and/or global demand and utility. This can include a blend of traditional and non-traditional, tangible and intangible, Such as, real estate, precious metals, fine art, precious gemstones, private equity and a number of fiat and in some cases, cryptocurrencies or token. The key is to not be overcommitted to any single category with no way out of an asset class when you need it most.Is diversification enough, or should people be doing more?2. We need to do more. Increase your focus on mobility:In today’s economy, you will need more than diversification. Today, mobility is also required. Mobility and accessibility go hand in hand for our clients. Inaccessible value is of no value at all, so having unrestricted access to many different forms of value should be a primary focus during this time. You must have a system in place to enable the movement of your wealth and value swiftly, safely and legally. That’s where we come in to assist as a company serving high net worth clients.In my book, “Billions Under Pressure”, I give an example of a client who had a significant portion of his wealth tied up in one luxury villa. He wanted to sell his luxury property but could not find the right buyer. Eventually, when social unrest created an unsafe environment for his family, he wound up being evacuated by air off the roof and his family lost everything. Having the ability to trade in and out of assets according to your personal or professional priorities gives you the optionality and freedom to ensure you remain protected.Instead, I recommend that you sell for the highest value.3. Increase your access and understanding of currency:Throughout history, there have been a rise and fall of empires and along with it, a predictable cycle of optimism followed by unrest. During these periods of upheaval, all fiat currencies eventually go to zero before the new rising empire takes over and becomes the global reserve currency. But there is more than one way to look at currency. By this I mean understand which currency is most valuable in a given moment or circumstance - not only referring to cash or other forms of money, but also critical relationships, unique knowledge, time freedom. This is a time to build your personal reserves in every regard. Invest in your trusted relationships, mentors, advisors, and the communities you can trust to stand the test of time. Allocate your time into the projects and ventures that reap the biggest impact.How can Idoneus offer value in a time of political and social unrest?At Idoneus, we are reinventing the Global Luxury Market. We do this through an exclusive, closed-loop business model that caters to HNWI and the high-end Luxury Partners who serve them.In truth, political and social unrest affects everyone across the world, as we are all interconnected. But at Idoneus we provide opportunities for HNWIs to deal with the impact of volatility and uncertainty on value, that come with times of unrest.Our closed-loop economy provides the ability to “use an asset to buy an asset”, directly, without the need to convert to cash, irrespective of the physical complexities and variability across each asset type. This helps manage the risks and complexities of the current market.Holding value in IDON and being connected to our closed-loop luxury ecosystem, ensures people are not only shielded from cash-related value leakage, but able to enhance value as desirable opportunities become available. People can simply acquire and hold IDON and then put it to work at a time of their choosing.What is unique about the Dubai market that holds opportunities for value investors?Dubai holds a unique position as a hub for value across the world, acting as a global gateway for trade with unrivaled connectivity and a pro-business government geared for growth and collaboration. There is a tangible entrepreneurial spirit and a DNA consisting of wealth, mobility and innovation.How can people begin to invest in assets and goods such as fine art for the first time?With Idoneus, acquiring assets and goods, such as fine art, is simple and secure. Simply register an account, complete KYC and set up a wallet. The process is transparent and the opportunities are visible in our portfolio for people to take their first steps in the world of asset trading.Simply log on and transact. IDON enables fast, secure, contact-free payment for luxury assets and experiences, such as beachfront villas, fine jewelry, boutique hotels, luxury vehicles, private yachts, fine art and more.What is “value-for-value exchange” or “asset trading” and why is this an option people should consider with their financial futures?“Value for value exchange” is as much a mindset as it is a way of doing business. Wealthy individuals transact and exchange assets, goods and services directly, without the need to convert to cash and avoiding the associated friction and value leakage in doing so.What we have done at Idoneus is build a closed-loop economy, dedicated to creating exceptional value for exceptional people. At the heart of the Idoneus Luxury Economy is the ability to “use an asset to buy an asset”, directly, without the need to convert to cash, irrespective of the physical complexities and variability across each asset type. The Idoneus Economy removes the risks and complexities from the current market If someone holds assets they are struggling to sell or exchange due to rising interest rates or other conditions, what options are available to them?I think the answer to this question is covered by the answers to the others.What if people are concerned about cryptocurrency due to the various collapses we have seen over the past 12 months, what would you say to them?At Idoneus we use a payment token IDON as a means to enable the transfer of value, in a closed-loop ecosystem. As such, IDON is immune to the risks associated with publicly exchanged cryptocurrencies.There are several things that make IDON different from other cryptocurrencies, such as:The price of IDON is derived by a transparent, auditable algorithm. It is therefore protected from the crypto market volatility.IDON is not listed on any public crypto exchange and therefore not exposed to the various challenges of crypto exchanges.It is compliant with the comprehensive KYC/AML requirements of the Swiss financial regulatory bodies.The pricing algorithm for IDON is based on quantitative, verified data regarding real-world movements of value in and out of the Idoneus Ecosystem to calculate a transparent, predictable and auditable token price.Is IDON available for purchase worldwide or where can people access it?People wishing to use IDON for value-for-value exchange can do so by accessing the Idoneus platform. Once they have made sure they fully understand the model, have registered an account, completed KYC and set up a wallet, they are able to acquire IDON and trade.If someone exchanges an asset via the Idoneus platform, what additional financing, paperwork or tax considerations are involved for the “buyer” or the “seller”? Is it location-dependent?Individuals who transact on our platform remain responsible for dealing with and addressing their own tax and regulatory requirements.Can you give me an example of an asset exchange you are proud of?