The Ministry of Endowment (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs concluded the summer training programme for 2022, in which 60 male and female citizens from secondary school and university levels took part.
The students received certificates of participation in the programme upon its completion.
Head of the Training and Management Unit in the Human Resources Department at the ministry Dr Mohamed Khalifa al-Kubaisi said that the programme aimed to familiarise students with the ministry's vision and mission, and to inform them about its services and contribution to society.
Moreover, the programme aims to equip students with administrative skills and to familiarise them with the professional worlds working environment.
Also, the ministry encouraged students to keep advancing in their studies and to continue acquiring more practical skills, which will benefit them personally and better enable them to serve their country.
Al-Kubaisi explained that each student was placed in a department of their choosing from the following: the Zakat Fund, the Financial and Administrative Affairs, mosques, Islamic Affairs and the General Administration of Endowments.
By so doing, the ministry aimed to provide the students with a wide variety of administrative and practical skills.
Additionally, the Human Resources Department followed up on the students, monitored their training, and met with them on a weekly basis for them to present what they have learned during the training period.
Furthermore, he stressed the ministry's eagerness to provide an integrated summer programme that helps students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will benefit them in the future after having completed their studies and entered the work force.
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