Qatar residents, particularly Culture Pass members, will have the opportunity to take part in a number of virtual workshops and webinars, organised by Qatar Museums (QM) this month.
An online art workshop and guided tour will take place tomorrow (May 4) from 2pm to 3.30pm, coinciding with the celebration of “Doha, Capital of Islamic Culture 2021”. It will be conducted in English and Arabic.
Participants can explore “the architecture elements of traditional Qatari mosque and use this as inspiration” for them to create their own mosque model.
The QM also held a webinar, led by the National Museum of Qatar’s Archaeology and Early history curator Dr Alexandrine Guerin, on May 1, discussing human occupations in early Islamic period in the country (7th-10th century) through archaeology and written sources.
It was held in English with Arabic translation.
In addition, the Qatar Children’s Museum, in partnership with Snoonu recently conducted a virtual workshop to mark Garangao this year, attracting hundreds of children across Doha.
“Cultural expert Najla al-Hemaidi demonstrated the traditional weaving method to create baskets for holding the festive sweets and nuts,” the QM said on its Instagram page. “The children learned to weave their own bookmarks, medallions and keychains.”
Those who missed the workshop can download the activity booklet which guide and teach users the proper and correct weaving technique.
According to the QM, the workshop was organised in collaboration with Snoonu, which delivered the workshop materials and Garangao gifts to the children.
Dr Guerin returns on May 8 from 1pm to 2pm for an “In-Gallery Talk” about Murwab Site – “a special virtual tour to explore the shape of daily life in the early Islamic period, through the collections and artifacts that have been discovered at Murwab site and presented at NMoQ”.
Meanwhile, the Doha Film Institute (DFI) will hold a virtual Hezayah Screenwriting Lab starting from June 30 to July 4 for the first session.
This activity is “designed to assist emerging screenwriters and writer-directors in developing and writing an original feature-length screenplay”.
The DFI noted that this screenwriting lab will be held “with the support of experienced mentors in group sessions and one-on-one tutorials. The lab consists of three online sessions of five-day workshops, which take place intermittently over a period of six months”. The deadline for application is until June 7.
The second session is scheduled from September 12-17, while the third sessions will take place in January 2022.
Another virtual programme, dubbed as “Behind An Object, There Is A Story”, was launched on April 29 and considered as the leading educational programme for schools of the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum.
“The title itself evokes *Hakawati, the traditional art of storytelling, here explored through the artifacts on display,” the QM said.
Two more sessions for the first story titled *A Day In Qatar’s Old Times are scheduled on May 6 (9pm to 10pm) and May 10 (10am to 11am) while the second story, *Nun And The Pen, And What They Write Together, will be delivered today (May 3) from 10am to 11am and on May 8 (9pm to 10pm).
The final session for the third story, *The Memory Box, will be held on May 7 from 9pm to 10pm.
M7, in partnership with IN-Q, an online museum gift shop owned by IN-Q Enterprises, the commercial arm of the QM, also urged emerging designers in the country to apply and take part in a competition this month where they will design a retail pop-up shop for the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum.
Designers, students, and the general public who are Qatar residents can apply.
A cash prize of QR5,000 is on offer. The deadline to submit designs is May 13.
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