The Public Works Authority, Ashghal, on Wednesday announced completion of all works related to the construction of 14km-long Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) lines, which will facilitate a network to irrigate green areas in five areas west of Doha, such as Muaither, Al Wajba, Al Mearad, Rawdat Abal Heeran and Al Sailiya.
Engineer Mohamed Massoud al-Ateeq, project engineer in the Roads Projects Department, explained that the scope of works included constructing a TSE Network covering the needs

Engineer Mohamed Massoud al-Ateeq
of the five areas by extending new pipelines on Muaither North Street, Al Sedaira Street, Gheenat Fuwairit Street, Jassim bin Ali Street, Rawdat Al Naisar and then towards Al Wajba area and Rawdat Abal Heeran areas.
This newly constructed network collects and distributes TSE to irrigate the green areas, parks and landscapes alongside the streets to ensure a sustainable exploitation of the treated effluent to increase the green space in the area.
“The upgrade of the TSE Network serves several areas witnessing a significant urban growth as it provides and connects TSE lines of other existing projects in the area. It also minimises the pressure on local water resources including water desalination and groundwater well drilling,” engineer al-Ateeq said.
He also explained that this project comes as part of Ashghal’s commitment to encourage sustainability and recycling to exploit the TSE. It is worth noting that the main TSE lines runs at a depth of approximately 3.5 and 5.5m underground.
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