Starlink Qatar, part of the Ooredoo Group of companies established back in 2006 and the first retailer for mobile and accessories, hosted the Apple Keynote Speech releasing the new iPhone 12 models at Katara, a statement said on Tuesday. 
The event featured a drive through experience. People were encouraged to remain in their cars as live traditional music and lights show filled the air and food trucks availed to serve their needs: Exit 55, Karak and Chapati, and partner Specialty Coffee CAF Café among others.
“We were very happy to host the event for Starlink, a well known Qatari brand that is becoming part of our culture and we are looking forward for future collaborations with them," said Maryam al-Saad, head of marketing at Katara.
Audiences were informed of Starlink’s trade-in offers (trade in your old phone for the new iPhone and only pay the difference) and got the chance to register their interest for future updates and notifications. Live iPad magic show performances from World Wide Wonders as well as a live performance from Shireen Abu Saad, Season 1 “The Voice Kids” graced the large screen.
Popular personalities such as Abdullah al-Ghafri, Hussain al-Sada and Essa Jamali pushed the excitement of the event to higher levels with their creative videography and interactive competitions.
Participants answered Apple Trivia Questions to win the latest Apple Watch Series 6, iPad 10.2 Inch 8th Generation and the ultimate prize – The First iPhone 12 Received by Starlink Qatar will be yours!
Al-Ghafri said: "I was very happy when Starlink asked me to be the host of the event, it was really fun, specially that I am a big fan of Apple products. We had a great opportunity to interact with the audience as close as we can get while maintaining social distancing rules, I am looking forward to more events with Starlink."
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