“I am an artist more in applied art than fine art” — Bachir Mohamad, artist
January 04 2020 10:03 PM

It presents a peep into the traditional local architecture and offers skillfully designed artefacts that one can use to design interior and to preserve the vernacular culture.
The third version of Tafaseel (details) exhibition has tried to acquaint visitors with the ancient and traditional Qatari architecture. It offers artistically designed furniture, mostly available in limited edition, and interior design objects that chiefly portray cultural diversity and creativity available in the country.
The exhibition that continues to impress art lovers and interior design enthusiasts is being organised by Bluribon Design Atelier Alhosh Gallery. It presents master pieces created by Bachir Mohamad, a Doha-based Syrian artist.
Tafaseel, which will continue till January 15 at the Gate Mall, showcases new collection including limited and open edition designs of furniture archetypes, wall art installations and sculptures reflecting details of the local architecture and heritage. The general theme of the exhibition is preserving the local heritage through various aspects of art and design. Out of the ten, the collection features three pieces of wall art installations. Two of the wall art installations reflect the preservation of the local heritage of architecture and traditions, while one piece addresses the subject of the unjust blockade that was imposed on Qatar by four Arab countries in June 2017.
Bluribon Design Atelier is a multidisciplinary agency focusing on the approach to interior design languages, strategies and research. It combines years of experience with creative instinct to bring innovative interior design solutions working with emphasis on originality, evolving through personality, reliability and strong customer understanding to deliver inspired interior designs.
“Our presence in Qatar and understanding of the local Gulf and the Middle Eastern market is another key expertise. We focus on our design practice. Rethinking the way we imagine design and create is central to our vision – a globally integrated and agile approach that delivers the right cost and the right skills by organising and integrating closely with partners, manufacturers and suppliers worldwide,” said artist Bachir while talking to Community.
Giving a brief introduction of Alhosh Gallery, he said: “It is a premier art gallery based in Doha. Founded in 2008, it was previously located in the cultural hub of Doha — Souq Waqif. It was shut down in 2014 and has since been working on a new approach which is a pop-up concept” said Bachir, who has a university degree in Fine Arts.
The Syrian artist has been living in Qatar since 2012. He was born in Kuwait and grew up in Lebanon. He works with interior design, furniture, textile, lighting, graphic interior and digital art. He also has a master degree in archaeology. “I joined Bluribon in 2012 as a project manager and senior interior designer. My work includes interior design, furniture and lighting design. Tafaseel is actually a series of exhibitions that I started in 2016. It is all about the details regarding the local architecture. The second exhibition took place in 2017. This time it is different. The first two exhibitions were mainly furniture prototypes with limited editions. This time, I have wall art installations and other artworks.”
For Bachir, furniture is a reflection of art and archaeology. “It is a kind of interaction of humans with architecture itself. If you do a good research, you will end up with a good piece of furniture that will have a story as well. My furniture is my art. I am an artist more in applied art than fine art.
“As a student, I actually wanted to have a degree in product design. My focus was furniture. Since the degree was not available, I studied interior design. I started customising furniture when I was in Lebanon. In Bluriboon, we also have our main focus on furniture. I however, never thought to have the furniture as an art piece. Sometimes, people start loving a piece of furniture because it is very artistic. A piece of art always carries a message. My furniture is all about art, architecture and archaeology.”
Whenever Bechir wants to have a piece of mind, he would go to the west side of Qatar to enjoy the vernacular architecture. “The architecture over here is very beautiful. It is full with elements and designs. Thousands of furniture designs can be created using different elements of local Qatari architecture.”
The artistic designer is quite satisfied with the response of the people to his creative pieces of furniture. “Even if they do not look at it as an art work, there is an interest actually with the uniqueness of each piece. In first two exhibitions, over 90 percent of my collection was sold out.”
Bachir is not interested in mass production of the furniture. He only wants to take it to another level. “I want each piece to speak for itself without me explaining. That is the thing that makes me happy. Most of the visitors can relate to the art in furniture themselves. Art is not actually a painting or drawing. There can be art in any subject matter.”
The artist who has a diverse cultural background considers Qatar his second home. “Honestly, Qatar gave me the chance to present myself in a better way. The support from the company I work with, gave me the push to go for this kind of furniture. I also got motivated to bring applied art into use. Nowadays, you will see most of artistically designed furniture in museums. I try to make it affordable and unique at the same time.”
Different kinds of challenges that Bachir faced did not deter him from going ahead with his idea of artistic furniture. “I face difficulties like how deal with the high cost. Workmanship is also a challenge. This is the first time I am using hand-made pieces. Earlier, I used to outsource it. This year only I managed to have a team of expert artisans. I have my own workshop where my team is ever ready to give final shape to my designs.” 

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