The stage is set for an exploration of Islamic Architecture and its global impact as Marchitecture 2024 kicks off at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), it was announced.

From March 28 to 30, participants will embark on a journey examining the intricate beauty and cultural significance of iconic mosques, crafted by world-renowned architects and regional luminaries.

A series of panel discussions, tours, and networking sessions aimed at unraveling the stories behind these architectural marvels over three days.

With a theme centered on “Islamic Architecture and its Global Influence,” QM noted that the event promises to weave together narratives of historical richness and contemporary relevance.

The inaugural day of the event will feature a panel discussion titled “The Roots of Islamic Architecture: A Historical Perspective” at 8.30 pm. Under the guidance of Dr Ali Abdulraouf as the speaker and moderated by Dr Akel Ismail Kahera, the session will tackle the exploration of centuries of architectural evolution, shedding light on the intricate designs and cultural significance interwoven within iconic structures.

Following the discussion, attendees will have the chance to join a tour titled “Harmony Unveiled: Exploring I.M. Pei's Muse - The Museum of Islamic Art” at 9.30pm, led by Dr Abdulraouf. The evening will conclude with a suhoor and networking session from 10.30pm to midnight.

Day two will feature a keynote lecture titled “Sustainability and Islamic Architecture: A Vision for Tomorrow” at Qatar Foundation. Architects Fanos Panayides and Simon Gathergole will explore the integration of sustainability principles into Islamic architectural traditions, offering insights and strategies for a harmonious and environmentally conscious built environment. The session will be moderated by Fatma Fawzi, manager of Sustainability at Msheireb Properties.

Attendees can also look forward to a tour of Msheireb Downtown Mosques and another suhoor and networking session.

The final day of Marchitecture 2024 will showcase a panel discussion titled “Contemporary Expressions: Fusion of Islamic and Global Architectural Styles” at 8.30pm at Msheireb Downtown Doha (M7). Speakers including Ali Mangera, Ada Yvars, Taha al-Hiti, and Marwan al-Balushi will explore the seamless blend of traditional Islamic design with modern aesthetics. Suzanne Ghadanfar, research fellow at the College of Islamic Studies, HBKU, will moderate the session.

The event will conclude with a tour of Qatar Foundation’s Education City Mosque led by Ali Mangera and Ada Yvars, followed by a suhoor and networking session at the mosque.

Marchitecture, initiated in 2018 by QM, has since become an annual celebration of architecture and urban design. With its focus on Islamic architecture this year, Marchitecture 2024 aims to foster a deeper understanding of the global influence and timeless beauty of Islamic architectural traditions.
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