The Years of Culture initiative, in collaboration with the Moroccan embassy in Qatar, brought the local community together at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) on Sunday for the 'Moroccan Night at the Museum' event.

Organised to commemorate the Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture, the event saw more than 300 guests to celebrate Qatar’s cultural partnership with Morocco, centred around exploring the Berber Jewellery Collection from the Royal Palace exhibition at MIA.

Brought by the Oudayas, National Museum of Adornment in Rabat, the exhibition showcases over 200 historical and culturally significant pieces of Amazigh jewellery—a first-of-its-kind display outside of Morocco—and is on view at MIA through May 20. Through this exhibition, guests had the opportunity to delve into the rich heritage of the Amazigh people, appreciating the craftsmanship and symbolism imbued in each artifact.

As a special surprise for the guests, Moroccan artist Othman Belkadi put the finishing touches on an oil painting inspired by the intricate beauty of traditional Amazigh jewellery live at the museum. Guests were also treated to a sensory feast that celebrated the diversity of Moroccan culture.

Attendees sampled traditional Moroccan tea and Ramadan sweets while enjoying a traditional Moroccan performance by Nass El Hal Band and learning about handmade Moroccan Caftans from Maison Chaker.
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