*Company CEO hails partnership with Alfardan group

Qatar continues to be one of the most robust markets in the region for bespoke luxury car brands – well-known for the most flamboyant Rolls-Royce models built in Goodwood, the company’s CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos has said.

“Qatar always played a very important role in our Middle Eastern business. I am not only surprised but stunned to see how the country develops and how great the growth stories you see here,” he told Gulf Times.

“Rest assured that on the back of these fantastic economic growth stories you also see our business growing quite substantially here,” said the CEO, who visited different markets and business partners in the Middle East, including Qatar and Kuwait, last week

Rolls-Royce has witnessed what has been described as “a tremendous renaissance” under Muller-Otvos’ leadership and guidance over nearly 10 years.

“We have an excellent operator on the ground here, the Alfardan business, and they do an unbelievable job for Rolls-Royce motor cars,” he said. “They basically established this market for Rolls-Royce motor cars and they have taken Rolls-Royce to one record after the next.”

“Together with our partner here, we are always saying it’s (Qatar market) even a field for experiments when it comes to new ideas for bespoke and so on, where do we do it, we do it first in Qatar,” Muller-Otvos said.

He expressed confidence that the excellent partnership with the Alfardans will continue in the long term.

“I couldn’t imagine a better partner, they are very dedicated, they are I would call them as masters of precision, they are constantly driving for more, they are restless in improving their business behaviours the way how they act with clients and so on,” the CEO said. “This is unmatched, they are an excellent partner and we definitely expect this partnership to continue.”

He also announced that Rolls-Royce is currently on the back of introducing Black Badge Cullinan in the country, the latest edition to its Black Badge family, which he described as “quite stunning and very impressive car.”

“First of all, it is not a car. We are not in the car business in Rolls-Royce, sound funny when I say that, but it is a luxury goods business, I would really say to its best,” Muller-Otvos said.

Highlighting the uniqueness of the luxury brand over others, he said: “I think Rolls-Royce is well known as even a synonym for the best.” 'The Rolls-Royce of thrones, the Rolls-Royce of TV sets', whatever. Our ethos is to strive for perfection in everything we do. When you experience one of our products, then you are immediately into it.”

“You feel that magic carpet ride, this unbelievable sense of serenity sitting in the cars, you are enclosed with the most luxurious materials on earth, this is in many cases like a bespoke suit.

“It is your measurement basically and we have built it up to your own commission and your own ideas so it is your own crafted and created masterpiece. This makes Rolls-Royce truly unique in the world,” the CEO said.

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