Tailoring shops are witnessing an increase in demand ahead of Eid al-Adha, especially from Qatari male customers keen to have their new thobes ready before the upcoming holidays.
Souq Al Ali, a popular choice for those looking to buy new clothes, has been recording a good turnout of customers of late, according to local Arabic daily Arrayah.
Reasonable and stable prices, which have not seen any considerable change in the past few years, make the market a key destination for garment buyers. Also, the tailors there provide customers with a wide range of varieties in terms of fabrics, thus appealing to different tastes. 
The souq has a considerable number of shops in close proximity, giving customers various options to choose from. 
While customers generally look for new garments to mark the special occasion of Eid al-Adha, some people also take this opportunity to get new clothes stitched for their children in preparation for the upcoming academic year, the report states, with some ordering up to seven thobes for a child.
The prices of thobes for adults range between QR50 and QR70 for regular fabric, and this may go up to QR150 for special varieties and brands, it is found.
Tailors at the market stressed that they provide customers with every type of fabrics that the latter usually look for, and the market has adequate stocks procured from various sources - all available at reasonable prices.
Mansour Ali, a customer, said Souq Al Ali has been attracting customers for more than 20 years and such buyers generally prefer the souq to other places to get their new clothes from. He said he and his children have been regular customers at the same shop for many years. The shops can cater to the needs of different types of customers and the tailors are keen to attract more buyers, he adds.
Abdullah Abdulrahman, another customers, observed that the prices of fabrics and tailoring charges for thobes have not changed for many years and the tailors do not exploit the high demand ahead for new clothes ahead of Eid or the new school year. Also, though most shops at the market have a modest look compared to some swankier shops in other places, many customers - including those from outside Doha - still prefer to go there due to the quality and prices, he explains.

Ahmed al-Jabir said families face growing expenses ahead of occasions such as Eid and the start of the new academic year. In this context, he says Souq Al Ali is "an excellent destination for families to check their expenditure on clothes" due to the good prices and discounts offered by tailors there. Those buying a larger number of thobes can get an ever better deal, he said, adding that tailors at the market are generally welcoming and also flexible when it comes to bargaining over prices.
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