Ministries, institutions, companies participate in Garangao festivities
May 21 2019 01:18 AM


Many institutions and government bodies, departments, companies, centres and ministries, especially institutions concerned with cultural affairs in the country, celebrated the night of Garangao, which coincides with mid-Ramadan. Garangao celebration is a popular cultural event celebrated by children and adults.
In this regard, the Katara — Cultural Village Foundation received tens of thousands of visitors — citizens and residents of different nationalities — to celebrate Garangao.
Several festivities took place in the main venues of Katara where gifts and the Garangao sacks were distributed among children according to the tradition. The Garangao sacks usually contain different kinds of nuts and sweets, especially blended and decorated for this unique occasion.
The children received the gifts at the Katara Amphitheatre in the Katara esplanade where they wore special costumes designed for this specific occasion.
Katara has always been keen to celebrate Garangao every year as part of its commitment to preserve the culture and heritage of Qatar.
In Souq Waqif, a large ceremony was held to celebrate Garangao in which thousands of citizens and residents came to enjoy its heritage, and the Garangao sacks were distributed among children according to the Qatari tradition.
The Ministry of the Interior also participated in the celebration of the Garangao through its different departments by offering gifts and Garangao sacks.
The airport security department distributed gifts, sweets and nuts to the children in Imam Muhammad bin Abdulwahab Mosque in Souq Waqif and at Hamad International Airport. At Qatar National Library, Garangao was celebrated in a distinctive Qatari atmosphere, the children attended the library building in Qatar’s colourful traditional costumes and participated in a series of festive activities.
Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club celebrated Garangao by organising an event in Souq Waqif, which included popular games and the distribution of sweets and nuts to visitors. Al Dana Girls Centre organised an event to celebrate the night of Garangao, including folkloric games, the distribution of popular dishes and sweets to members of the centre and to children.
Doha Youth Centre organised also many activities and competitions at Hyatt Plaza Mall to celebrate Garangao. Al Khor Youth Centre celebrated Garangao for Al Khor and Al Dhakhira residents, which included popular games and entertainment competitions, as well as distributing popular dishes and sweets to the audience. Similar events were held in several commercial complexes in the country to celebrate this occasion. Malls and commercial complexes participated in this occasion by distributing nuts and sweets to children, and by organising artistic and entertainment events.
Garangao, celebrated on the 14th day of Ramadan, is special to the Gulf region, particularly Qatar, and is believed to have its roots in the pearl-diving tradition of the region. Over the years, the festival has gained more popularity with several expatriates joining the celebrations.
To celebrate the occasion, children, clad in their traditional clothes, and will come out of their homes and knock on every door in their neighbourhood, which will be ready to receive them with sweets and nuts.
They collect the goodies in the special cotton bags, hanging loosely from their necks. Kids will be seen wandering around the streets until late into the night singing the special Garangao song.

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