Katara organises Kyrgyzstan art show
April 13 2019 02:02 AM
The exhibition is being held in Building 19 of Katara.

Katara - the Cultural Village has organised an art exhibition, ‘Boz Jol’, in co-operation with the embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Doha.
The exhibition, held in Building 19, was opened in the presence of a number of artists. It includes 30 different artworks that focus on the Kyrgyz philosophy and culture, according to the official Qatar News Agency.
The artists who contributed to the exhibition said ‘Boz Jol’ is a “symbolic representation of world duality, where there is space for a choice of the Path”. The innermost, Middle, “is the only true path where a person goes his whole life”, they added. 
“Since ancient times, the Kyrgyz people lived in harmony with nature, and this Path is a sign of the nature of nomads,” the artists explained in a statement. “The Path of a person who accommodated the Universe and the Earth inside. This Path is the unity of the microcosm and macrocosm.”
Katara assistant general manager Ahmed al-Sayyed said the exhibition “is very impressive and represents the Kyrgyz culture and their rich heritage of arts”. 
The exhibition continues until April 16, according to information available on the Katara 

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