Katara exhibition highlights beauty of nature, engineering might
January 03 2018 09:51 PM
Mohamed Mohanad Barakat (right) briefs Dr Khalid Bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti on his works during the open
Mohamed Mohanad Barakat (right) briefs Dr Khalid Bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti on his works during the opening of the exhibition at Katara on Tuesday. PICTURE: Joey Aguilar

A unique exhibition at Katara - the Cultural Village, dubbed ‘Conceptional Architecture,’ features the works of artist and architect Mohamed Mohanad Barakat, a Syrian national born in Doha.

The exhibition, inaugurated by Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti on Tuesday, features 10 sculptures, 11 sculptural paintings and a collection of photographs (all in black and white) inspired by "nature and natural phenomena". It will run until January 14 at Building 22.
“The use of different colours will not highlight the meandering and bending shapes of nature, so I decided to use black and white instead,” Barakat said.
Citing the "beauty of nature and the power of engineering" in creating his works, he stressed that “everything we see around us stays inside us directly or indirectly”.
Barakat’s creations include the ‘Tower design’, which resembles snowflakes slowly falling and rotating (due to the wind and earth’s gravity). It reflects “dynamism or movement to evoke feeling of modernism, energy and vitality”.
The artist also showcases his 'Skyscraper design', which was conceptualised from the study of Swedish ivy pollen grain surface structure, revealing an intricate pattern.
Barakat’s works also reflect his artistic interpretations of curves and angels found in nature, which are simple and yet complex.
“I start my work by studying the various forms of nature because nature is a mixture of exquisite geometrical forms created by God in a very complex way,” he explained. “Although, as human beings, we tend to view them from a simpler and more straightforward perspective.”
Dr al-Sulaiti, who toured the exhibition, lauded Barakat’s “interpretation of nature” as he urged the public to see the artist’s masterpieces.
“This exhibition draws our attention to both the subtle and direct influences that nature has on architecture and engineering,” he said.
“Katara is working to provide its audience with various artistic experiences in order to open them up to innovative ways of creativity,” he said, adding that ‘Conceptional Architecture’ guarantees everyone a unique artistic experience.
Dr al-Sulaiti noted that Katara "is keen to provide an outstanding platform both for artists and those passionate about art".
Barakat graduated from Damascus University in 2008 where he received his bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture.
Hailing from a family of seven architects, he said he was influenced both by his family and some of the world's top designers.
The artist’s creations rely “on the complexity of natural forms to inspire his designs and interpretations”.

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