Doha Jadeed residents call for more ATMs
March 31 2017 09:26 PM
There are only a couple of ATMs in the densely populated Doha Jadeed area.
There are only a couple of ATMs in the densely populated Doha Jadeed area. Many of its residents need to cross either the B-Ring Road or Airport Street to access an ATM. PICTURE: Jayaram.


The Doha Jadeed Zone is one of the most densely populated areas in the city limits, but residents and shopkeepers feel there are not enough ATMs within the area to cater to the growing requirements.

"The lack of sufficient ATMs is as severe as the shortage of adequate parking spaces in the area," a shopkeeper told Gulf Times. As of now, the entire area has only a couple of ATMs and residents from the area are aggrieved that they need to cross the busy roads surrounding Doha Jadeed to access the nearest available ATM.
While people on the eastern area need to rely on the only ATM on that side, those residents on the longer southern stretch too has just one ATM machine for their requirements. It has been found people on both the sides need to cross the major roads (Airport Road and B-Ring Road) passing through the area if they need to use an ATM.
Situation of those on the northern side is even worse with absolutely no ATMs along that stretch. They have no option other than crossing over to the western side of the Bank Street.
If there were only fewer new complexes earlier in the zone where ATM machines could be installed, now a number of new buildings have come up in the locality and ATMs could be installed in some of them to meet the demand.
Though the work of a massive commercial complex of Barwa has just begun in the area, it remains to be seen how long will it take for completion. Some of the residents hope this complex would have such provisions as ATMs when it is opened.

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