Municipality steps up inspections at slaughter houses
September 12 2016 07:53 PM
An official from municipality conducts an inspection at a slaughterhouse
An official from municipality conducts an inspection at a slaughterhouse

Al Khor and Al Thakhira Municipality intensified inspections at the slaughterhouses within its jurisdiction, as the slaughtering of sacrificial animals started in the morning after Eid prayers and continued until 5pm and will go on from 5am until 5pm throughout the Eid days.

The director of the Municipality Juma Khamis al-Murayikhi stressed that the municipality has assigned a specialised team of veterinarians to check the animals before the slaughtering process and to assist the public with veterinarian advice on daily basis throughout the Eid days. They would supervise all the slaughtering operations to ensure compliance with the highest global standards in the field.

The Municipality has ensured that the wastes from the process is disposed in a safe manner to avoid any contamination or harm to the local environment. The public has been instructed to avoid entering the slaughtering halls to maintain good hygiene and avoid any potential for spreading of infectious diseases or contamination of the meat.

Al-Murayikhi further stressed that all food facilities would be monitored closely during the Eid days to ensure the safety of the products on display for the public. He asked the members of the public to communicate with the municipality through its various communication channels or call 184, available round-the-clock, to report any food safety violation or for any related inquiries.

Last updated: September 13 2016 08:41 AM

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