Al Rayyan Municipality's Health Inspection Section, which conducted inspection campaigns on food establishments throughout the holy month of Ramadan, will continue its monitoring during the Eid al-Fitr holidays. The campaigns have covered many sweets and nuts shops, supermarkets, and butcher shops among other food outlets and retailers, aiming to ensure their compliance with health regulations and standards to safeguard consumer health and raise awareness among employees of these places.

Zainab al-Shemmari, head of the Health Inspection Section at Al Rayyan Municipality, told local Arabic daily Arrayah that the section had conducted an extensive inspection campaign in preparation for holidays, with a comprehensive team of inspectors and veterinarians.

The campaign focused on food establishments and activities that are prevalent during the holiday, such as confectionery shops, nut vendors, supermarkets, butcher shops, fish markets, and vegetable markets. She noted that the campaigns would continue throughout the Eid days. The team includes some employees to receive complaints and take the necessary action when needed.

Upon receiving a complaint, it is promptly examined and appropriate actions are taken, whether it necessitates issuing a violation notice to the establishment, closing it down, or any other administrative action. She noted that whenever any violation is detected, a report is prepared according to the nature of the violation.

The official indicated that a total of 6,022 inspection tours were carried out during Ramadan, resulting in issuing 40 violations and the shutdown of one food establishment. She noted that as the number of food establishments increases, the number of inspection visits conducted each year also increases. The official explained that the section carried out a series of awareness campaigns recently for both employees in food establishments and consumers. The activities included workshops and utilising the Ministry of Municipality social media platforms.
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