Municipality takes action against restaurant in Najma
September 03 2016 09:04 PM
Food items were found stored in the labour accommodation in unsuitable conditions.
Food items were found stored in the labour accommodation in unsuitable conditions.


The Health Control Section at Doha Municipality has taken action against a restaurant in Najma for storing and preparing food at a nearby workers' accommodation.

An expatriate man had earlier reported the issue to the municipality.
Inspectors questioned the workers and manager who admitted storing and preparing the meals at a nearby house and transporting it to the restaurant, ready to be served.
During a search, the inspectors found food items stored in in unhygienic conditions at the labour accommodation. They found frozen chicken being defrosted at room temperature.
Apart from a lack of overall cleanliness, the workers themselves failed to maintain the necessary standards of hygiene when handling food products.
The outlet was issued a notice of violation of law No 8 for 1990 regarding food control regulations.
The Health Control Section has affirmed its determination to continue its inspections and said it would handle all complaints seriously in order to protect people.
Similarly, the Health Control Section at Al Shamal municipality has conducted a number of searches at several eateries and shops.
Besides, the director of the municipal control section accompanied officers to inspect the slaughterhouse of Madinat Al Shammal, the fish market and a chicken farm.
The Municipality of Al Khor and Al Zakhira has also launched a cleaning campaign at Al Zakhira fish market.

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