60 environmental violations detected
April 13 2014 11:05 PM
There is a ban on camel-grazing in the open.
There is a ban on camel-grazing in the open.

The Environment Protection Department in the Ministry of Environment (MoE) has detected more than 60 environmental violations last month.

Most of these violations pertained to the ban on camel grazing in the open desert, dumping rubbish in open, undesignated areas and use of unauthorised bird traps.

The MoE had earlier conducted a campaign to spread awareness about the ministerial decision to ban the grazing of camels in the open because of its adverse effects on the local ecological system.

While most camel owners complied, a few of them continued to flout the law and were eventually referred to the Environment Prosecution for necessary legal action.

The other violations were detected when the patrolling officers the Environment Protection Department spotted garbage being dumped in the open desert. Some vehicles were also seen transporting hazardous materials such as diesel without proper and prior authorisation.

In addition, different types of bird traps were seized and handed over to the security entities concerned for destruction. Meanwhile, heavy equipment was spotted digging in public property for rocks to build a fence around a private farm.




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