Youth are the top traffic rule breakers in Qatar, an official with the General Directorate of Traffic has said. Lt. Fahad Jaber al-Athba from The Pear Traffic Department told Qatar TV Tuesday that drivers aged 18-30 are among the top violators while women and elderly persons are more committed towards obeying traffic rules.
Al-Athba explained various types of violations and the reasons that result in the seizure of vehicles and motorcycles.
“The most prominent violations that cause cars and motorcycles to be impounded are raising the volume of sound, exceeding the permissible speed level and driving a bike or car without a valid driving licence,” he said. He added that electronic devices are used to check the sound level in cars and bikes.
The General Directorate of Traffic has identified careless driving and mobile phone usage as the main causes of concern when it comes to traffic accidents in Qatar. Intensified awareness programmes are being held to address the grim scenario and achieve accident-free roads. Using or holding mobile phone or any other device in hand while driving or becoming busy watching any visual from the television set in the vehicle draws a penalty of QR500.
The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has launched automated monitoring of these two violations by installing a unified radar system, which will detect the violations in a move to boost traffic safety and reduce accidents.
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