The Ministry of Sports and Youth's Friends of the Environment Centre (FEC) held the first symposium of the 'Third Environmental Forum 2024', an event seeking to identify and overcome the challenges facing environmentalists.

Themed 'The Environmental Activist: Challenges and Solutions,' the symposium hosted President and Founder of the Qatari Environment Lens Initiative, Hamad al-Khulaifi, and President and Founder of the Ali Al Henzab Initiative for Afforestation and Combating Desertification, Ali al-Henzab. The two conservationists called for setting up channels of communication between them and the concerned agencies in a bid to develop a common vision for protecting the local environment and enriching its biodiversity.

They stressed the importance of developing the Environmental Pioneers Initiative launched by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, by developing a specific mechanism to activate it on the ground to preserve and protect the Qatari environment. Calling for intensified environmental awareness campaigns among the local community members to battle environmental challenges, they highlighted the importance of spreading sustainable practices especially among school and university students.

In a press statement on the sidelines of the forum, CEO of the FEC, Farhoud al-Hajri, stressed the importance of the forum in monitoring many local environmental challenges and proposing sustainable solutions to them, through discussions that take place between experts and environmental enthusiasts and state officials. The two previous successful editions of the forum prompted the FEC to organize the third edition, he said.

He stated that the current symposium focused on the challenges facing activists and those interested in environmental affairs, noting that the topics of discussion included the role of the environmental activist in preserving the environment, and his activity in spreading environmental awareness among segments of society.
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