Barcelona: Amidst the buzz and innovation that defines the Mobile World Congress (MWC) of 2024, Huawei Industrial Digital and Intelligent Transformation Summit became a beacon of collaborative innovation. Gathering a global assembly of customers, partners, and thought leaders, the summit under the grand theme of ‘Leading Digital and Intelligent Infrastructure, Accelerating Industrial Intelligence’ served as a fertile ground for the exchange of revolutionary ideas and practices in the realm of digital and intelligent transformation, with a special focus on industries and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Huawei's unveiling of 10 industrial digital and intelligent transformation solutions, alongside a fleet of new flagship products, marked a significant milestone in the journey towards industrial evolution. These innovations were designed to cater to the diverse needs of customers at various stages of their transformation journey, showcasing the Chinese tech giant's commitment to leading the charge in the intelligent world.
Li Peng, Corporate Senior Vice-President and President of ICT Sales & Service at Huawei, encapsulated the transformative spirit of the age, stating, "From the information age to the digitalisation age, each transformation has unveiled immense possibilities. Now, as we navigate into an intelligent world, the key to foreseeing the future lies in our ability to create it. We are poised to redouble our efforts in delivering more intelligent digital infrastructure products and solutions, thereby accelerating the intelligent transformation of industries."
Leo Chen, President of Enterprise Sales at Huawei, emphasised the importance of managing the trifecta of data "computing, transmission, and storage" in a harmonised manner. By integrating data across different scenarios into a unified cloud data foundation, Huawei aims to extend its reach to more traditional industries and core businesses, supporting numerous industry customers on their digitalisation journey towards an intelligent world.
Chen further illustrated the transformative power of digital and intelligent change using the metaphor of 'Phase transition' from physics, suggesting that such transformation brings not only higher levels of growth but also ushers in a new economic dynamic. "By achieving greater efficiency and productivity, we can ultimately forge a better life for every individual," Chen observed.
In 2023, Huawei introduced the intelligent transformation reference architecture, guiding industrial customers through their digital and intelligent transformation. Focused on ICT products and technologies, Huawei is building an open ecosystem to gather partners and developers, thereby creating leading digital and intelligent infrastructure. Recognising the need for differentiated solutions across various scenarios, it is committed to helping customers navigate through their digital and intelligent transformation phases.
For large-scale industrial customers facing diverse services and complex scenarios, Huawei has introduced 10 industrial digital and intelligent solutions, including National Cloud Solution 2.0, Smart City, Smart Classroom 3.0, and several others, addressing a wide range of needs from medical technology digitalisation to smart infrastructure and safety management solutions. Additionally, Huawei has unveiled product portfolios like the Campus Digital Platform and Multilayer Ransomware Protection (MRP) 2.0, tailoring its offerings to meet the specific needs of its customers.
For SMEs with simpler business scenarios, Huawei leverages its best practices in collaboration with partners to develop open, lightweight, and scenario-specific solutions that are cost-effective, differentiated, and serviceable. This initiative has led to the development of over 30 scenario-based solutions, aiding SMEs in achieving their digital and intelligent transformation objectives.
In 2023, the launch of the HUAWEI eKit brand marked a significant step towards providing accessible, easy-to-use products for a broad range of applications, from SME offices to schools and healthcare facilities. David Shi, Vice-President of ICT Marketing and Solution Sales at Huawei, emphasised the company's dedication to understanding and addressing the unique challenges and needs of each customer. "As the journey of digital and intelligent transformation progresses, Huawei remains focused on delivering scenario-based, cutting-edge, green, and low-carbon products and solutions," Shi stated, highlighting the company's forward-thinking approach.
By the close of 2023, Huawei's global partnership network had expanded to over 40,000 partners in the enterprise market, playing a pivotal role in driving customer success. Ernest Zhang, President of Global Partner, Commercial & Distribution, Enterprise Sales at Huawei, articulated the company's ongoing commitment to its partners. "Adhering to the principles of shared benefits, integrity, and clear rules, Huawei will continue to optimise partner development policies, foster healthy and win-win partnerships, and collectively stride towards a shared era of success," Zhang concluded, echoing the collaborative spirit that defines the tech giant’s approach to navigating the intelligent world.
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