Qatar’s underwater world remains a serene sanctuary for diving enthusiasts even during the summer, a master instructor and Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) ambassador told Gulf Times.

“The summer season is not a hindrance but an opportunity to explore Qatar's hidden treasures beneath the waves,” Zaki explained in an exclusive interview.

“Water temperature is not an issue for scuba diving, and both summer and winter offer unique experiences for divers,” said Zaki, who is also an environmental and marine life activist.

He attributes the surge in diving popularity in Qatar since 2010 to its captivating underwater beauty. Diving has become a year-round activity, attracting enthusiasts who seek to discover the wonders of the underwater environment, whether during the day or under the enchanting night sky,” he pointed out. “It’s a passion, in fact, an addiction, and an incredible way to connect with nature”.

Zaki's dedication to showcasing this hidden world is evident in his award-winning underwater photography and videography. His work has graced Qatar postal stamps and been featured in documentaries for international networks such as BBC, Qatar TV, and Alrayyan TV.

According to Zaki, also a prolific writer focusing on diving, tourism, and environmental issues, the growing interest in scuba diving in the country is also fuelled by a desire for adventure and a modern-day fascination with capturing experiences for social media.

He said divers seek relaxation and stress relief from the pressures of everyday life, adding that the water (ocean) itself has therapeutic properties, offering a sense of well-being.

Zaki, drawing on his extensive experience, said that breathing underwater with ample oxygen is beneficial to the body, further enhancing the diving experience.

Besides adventure and exploration, it is learnt that Qatar’s appeal for scuba divers also lies in its diverse marine life, thriving within its vast 560km coastline. The country boasts a diverse array of marine creatures, including the dugong, a gentle giant that finds its home in Qatar’s waters. Visit Qatar noted that Qatar holds the distinction of being home to the world’s second-largest dugong population.

With its captivating underwater beauty, abundant marine life, and year-round accessibility, Qatar is quickly becoming a sought-after diving destination.

According to Visit Qatar, the country as a peninsula makes it a prime destination for water sports enthusiasts and a popular adventure is diving, where divers can encounter marine life and discover historical boat wrecks and stunning limestone formations.

Numerous diving centres and tour operators across Qatar offer PADI training courses and dive trips, providing a range of options for all levels of experience.