Celebrating the Qatar-Indonesia 2023 Year of Culture, the Years of Culture Initiative, in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, opened the “Capturing Echoes: A Photographic Journey” exhibition recently at the Cemara 6 Gallery in Menteng in Jakarta, Indonesia.
The exhibition showcases the work of three talented photographers from Qatar and Indonesia, offering a visual exploration of fading traditions integral to the history and heritage of both nations. The exhibition, open until December 20, is free to the public.
The exhibition is a testament to the power of cultural exchange, as photographers Kafin Noe’man and Gevi Noviyanti from Indonesia and Reem Albader from Qatar embarked on an inquisitive and self-reflective journey to document each other's cultural heritage.
The theme, “The Fading Traditions of Qatar and Indonesia,” provided a poignant lens through which the photographers captured the essence of customs and traditional practices at risk of disappearing.
As a platform for cultural exchange and dialogue, Years of Culture is responsible for protecting and promoting the bridges it builds through exhibitions and public talks.
Several public talks will follow the exhibition opening in Jakarta by the photographers and the mentors covering the experience they had with the photography exchange programme.
Khalifa al-Obaidly, a celebrated Qatari photographer renowned for his expertise in documenting Qatari heritage, served as a mentor for the Photography Journey. Speaking about the programme, he said: “Photography is not just about capturing images; it involves storytelling, preserving cultural heritage, and conveying emotions. The Qatar-Indonesia Photography Journey represented a unique opportunity to showcase the shared cultural values between our two nations.
“Through the lens of these talented Qatari and Indonesian photographers, we bear witness to the visual dialogue that transcends borders and fosters a deeper understanding of the beauty and diversity of global cultural heritage.”
Two experienced and award-winning photographers from Indonesia, Ridhwan Siregar and Demitrius Wisnu Widiantoro joined al-Obaidly as the co-curators for the exhibition.
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