The Indonesian embassy in Qatar held a community gathering to welcome members of Indonesia’s Parliament or People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) on June 22. The event at the chancery, aimed to socialise the four pillars of Indonesia’s nationhood: Pancasila (state’s ideology), Constitution, Unitary State of Indonesia Principle, and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (unity in diversity), a statement said Monday.

Indonesian ambassador Ridwan Hassan welcomed the attendees and panel speakers, consisting of MPR members and the youth, saying: “The gathering with our community is very important since it will boost our patriotism to our beloved country”.

Dr Al-Muzzamil Yusuf, a representative of MPR, delivered remarks and insights into the importance of the four pillars of Indonesian nationalism in hopes to promote a prosperous future for Indonesia. He stressed the significance for Indonesian youth to hold the values of Indonesian patriotism and nationality to mobilise the future generation.

Dr al-Muzzamil, along with another member of MPR, Mercy Chriesty Barends, reminded the youth of Indonesia to never forget the values of their country even if they live or study abroad. Attendees were given a chance to ask questions to the panel speakers. Former head of Permiqa, Ali Musthofa, talked about permissions for processing energy resources in Indonesia. This led to an interaction about recent issues, developments and progresses in the Indonesian industry for energies.

Student representatives Mikayla Said and Najma Hilal from the Indonesian youth organisation called ‘Anak Qatar’, inquired about how the youth can be more informed and aware of Indonesian values such as the four Pillars of Nationalism, in order to grow and be effective members of the future Indonesian society, the statement added.
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