Thousands of Indonesian expatriates attended the Eid al-Fitr prayer and community gathering organised by their embassy in association with the Indonesian Muslim Association in Qatar at Tariq bin Ziyad Secondary School Wednesday.
Ibrahim Syazaly was the Imam and Amir Hasan Rambe the Khatib. Ambassador Ridwan Hassan, in his speech said Indonesian citizens in Qatar should always abide by the local regulations, traditions and continue to maintain solidarity.
“The experience of living in Qatar where various cultures and national backgrounds exist should be able to make us more complete as humans,” he added. Amir Hasan Rambe in his Eid sermon said that the struggle against lust should not stop just because the holy month of Ramadan ends.
The Eid prayer was followed by a community gathering.
“The gathering is very essential for us since it is a platform to maintain cohesiveness between the embassy and Indonesian community in Qatar,” said embassy official Ali Murtado.
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