The Maison Valentino is provided with an extra supply of energy coming from God knows where is a fact proved with ample evidence. On a day so hot, dropping its Valentino Escape 2023 made everything look so fresh and weightless.

For Valentino Escape 2023 capsule, Maison have added new styles, fabrications, and silhouettes to the ever-growing collection. There are lots of covetable new propositions, versatile enough to cover different occasions and body types: prints and patterns that can go from the beach to the extremely happening party at the Hamptons, and hourglass-y sundresses with a Valentino monogram twist. And that’s not all. To embody the energy of the capsule, the Maison has envisioned immersive experiences across the globe, bringing invited guests on adventures that are far removed from the everyday.

Valentino’s Instagram provides an account of the head-spinning schedule of collateral events they pulls off, but for Valentino Escape 2023 capsule, the Maison has gone a step ahead and has meshed enriching experiences with the collection that will both transport and inspire, melding alluring pastimes with of-the-moment adventures.

For each Valentino Escape 2023 activation, the Maison has considered the local culture to create authentic and inspiring moments.

In Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast, guests will be invited for a stay at Palazzo Avino, an awe-inspiring cliffside hotel that offers beachside allure and all the amenities that come along with it: dramatic pointed arches, pristine shells, cobblestone alleys and the healing properties of the Tyrrhenian Sea. To continue the experience and open the Escape collection to all, from June 9th, all visitors to the hotel will also be able to enjoy the capsule collection at a dedicated pop-up. During that same period, Valentino will also take over the hotel’s beach club, transforming the Club House by the Sea through a dreamy, Maison-inspired personalisation.

Meanwhile, in France’s Saint-Tropez, those invited to the Escape 2023 experience will be driven through the area’s picturesque coastline, and into an exploration of contemporary art through an exclusive villa dinner and sculpture park tour.

For guests in Forte Dei Marmi, the Maison has organised an escape into the world of art at Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj’s Atelier in Pietrasanta.

While in Greece, the island of Mykonos will be host to adventures shedding a light on the island’s beauty.

Beyond Europe, the Valentino Escape 2023 capsule will take hold through special activations worldwide. In Dubai and the Hamptons, the Maison will curate one-of-a-kind experiences that delve into the joy of the season and the importance of relaxation.

Whether at Dubai’s Atlantis The Royal Hotel or on the shores of the Hamptons, each destination will offer a way for guests to connect with the local environment while delving deeper into the capsule.

Risk-taking is obviously included in such a journey, but Valentino seems to enjoy meeting the challenges head-on. And what’s more fearless than luring into Maison’s inner sanctum.

For capsule, silhouettes have a clarity and purity that are only enhanced by contrast the poetic intensity of the prints based on Valentino’s iconic prints. Even the clashing-striped oversized shirt looks had a more streamlined energy to them. For now, Valentino is keen on keeping shapes, volumes, and decorations from overwhelming the personality of the wearer. Maximizing self-expressive potential through reworked classics is what Valentino after. And we can feel in every creation and collection. That said, it is not minimalistic in the least. It’s loud but with every good intention. Bisou Bisou!
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