Transshipment through Hamad Port's container terminals shot up 30% year-on-year during 2023, indicating Qatar's growing prominence in the global maritime network.

Transshipment through Hamad Port stood at 557,464 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units), which is equivalent to 43% of total TEUs during 2023, according to the recently released annual report of Mwani Qatar.

Mwani Qatar has continued its efforts to transform Qatar into a vibrant regional trade hub by strengthening the role of Hamad Port as a pivotal gateway for transshipment in the region.

Transshipment volumes were seen the highest in November 2023 and the lowest in July 2023; while yard utilisation was seen the highest in February 2023 and the lowest in August.

Beginning 2023, transshipment volumes through Hamad Port was 51,909 TEUs in January; 51,761 TEUs in February; 51,492 TEUs in March; 44,685 TEUs in April; 33,281 TEUs in May; 33,416 TEUs in June; 32,650 TEUs in July; 45,035 TEUs in August; 56,614 TEUs in September; 49,683 TEUs in October; 59,827 TEUs in November and 47,111 TEUs in December.

The growth in global trade has involved greater quantities of containers in circulation, prompting shipping companies to rely more on transshipment hubs to connect different regions of the world.

Transshipment requires significant yard space as containers are stored for a brief period, awaiting the connecting ship(s).

The yard utilisation was seen at 44% year-to-date at the end of 2023 with 47% in January; 54% in February; 48% in March; 46% each in April, May and June; 34% in August; 43% in September; 45% in October; 43% in November and 36% in December.

The transshipment dwell days -- the time a vessel spends at port being secured, having cargo loaded or discharged -- were on an average 10.7 during 2023 compared to 8.9 the previous year.

It was on an average 8.23 days in January 2023 against 8.28 days a year-ago period; in February 20.69 (7.93), in March 15.96 (8.61), in April 15.44 (9.01), in May 7.28 (11.11), in June 7.31 (10.11), in July 7.74 (10.26), in August 8.17 (8.81), in September 7.75 (8.69), in October 11.12 (8.67), in November 7.93 (7.59) and in December 10.35 (8.24).