AFG College with the University of Aberdeen, continued their community outreach events with recent workshops being held on the subjects of HR and Global Business Communications. The workshops were run by AFG academics, Dr Feim and Dr Georgios Kapogiannis, with Dr Kapogiannis working with Stavros Adamou, senior project manager, architect engineer at Qatar Museums Authority.

Dr Kapogiannis and Adamou co-facilitated this insightful session, emphasising the pivotal role of leadership and cross-cultural communication in molding future leaders. Adamou shared his rich experience with museum projects in Qatar, focusing on innovative problem-solving techniques and the vital importance of strategic information management. Dr Kapogiannis brought valuable perspectives from his professional engagements in the United Kingdom and China, discussing how diverse cultural interactions influence business operations and heritage projects.

The workshop attracted a diverse audience from sectors including healthcare, retail, banking, media, and academia, creating a vibrant learning environment that encouraged active participation from all attendees. A special simulation required participants, role-playing as senior leaders of a multinational corporation undergoing a merger, to integrate teams from the United States, Japan, Brazil, and Germany, ensuring a seamless and cooperative transition. The session concluded with group presentations, where participants showcased their strategic solutions for enhancing cross-cultural understanding and teamwork within their newly formed global teams.

Dr Kapogiannis, programme leader, in Global Business Communication, AFG College with the University of Aberdeen said “We're committed to preparing leaders who are ready to face global business challenges and foster a collaborative culture at work.”
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