A considerable drop in the retail prices of desert truffles have been seen recently at Al Wakra Central Market due to increasing supply, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported.
As much as 1.2 tonnes of truffles imported from different countries, mostly Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iraq and Syria have arrived at Al Wakra Central Market recently.
Abdulahmeed Khamis, auctioneer at the market, pointed out that the daily morning auction on truffles starts at 8am and the prices steadily fall due to the increasing supply. More stocks are expected from various Arab countries over the next two weeks as well. Most of the truffles that came from Saudi Arabia were the Zubaidi variety and sold at a relatively high price of QR4,000 per box of 3kg. But Zubaidi truffles from Algeria and Iraq were sold for only QR3,400 for two boxes of 6kg total.
Other varieties of desert truffles were sold at much lower rates, again due to the increasing supply, the daily added.
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