The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) has launched Al-Enna Desert Camp in Sealine area with the participation of the General Directorate of Civil Defence, Qatar Red Crescent Society, Qatar Scouts and Guides Association, alongside Nomas Centre, amid a substantial number of people.
The camp will continue to receive the public on the weekends between Jan 5 and Feb 3, to present numerous environmental awareness programmes, that have been designed to suit all community segments.
The camp includes orientation sessions for the public to learn about security and safety instructions for the current winter camping season and ensure safety of campers, in addition to raising the awareness on the general guidelines issued by MoECC regarding land camping, natural reserves and sea coasts, punctuated by workshops to upgrade the skills of attendants and train them on state-of-the-art methods of first aid, how to counter potential crises and fires in homes and camps with the participation of special civil defence team.
The camp activities include lectures that primarily aim to reinforce public awareness on local environment both land and marine habitats to help attendants internalize the importance of conserving Qatari environment, in addition to helping them understand the most consequential challenges facing biodiversity of plants and animals. The camp addresses the phenomenon of climate change and adaptation methods, as well as the importance of sustainable development in preserving natural resources of the country.
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