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Study: Healthy diet may reduce hearing loss in women
May 16 2018 11:00 PM
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A healthy diet may do more for your body than just help you lose weight.
A new study has suggested that it might just help reduce risks of hearing impairment as well.
The study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital has said that eating healthy analysed the link between hearing loss in women and three different healthy diets the Alternate Mediterranean Diet (AMED), the DASH diet and Alternative Healthy Eating Index-2010.
The study titled ‘Adherence to Healthful Dietary Patterns Is Associated with Lower Risk of Hearing Loss in Women’ said, “Specific nutrients have been associated with hearing status, but associations between healthful dietary patterns and risk of hearing loss have not been prospectively evaluated.”
The study clearly concluded: “Adherence to healthful dietary patterns is associated with lower risk of hearing loss in women.
Consuming a healthy diet may be helpful in reducing the risk of acquired hearing loss.”
The study looked at 81,818 women between the ages of 27 and 44, whose diet patterns over 22 years were analysed.
The researchers came to the conclusion that women who followed AMED and DASH diets had a 30% less chances of developing moderate or complete loss of hearing, as compared to women didn’t follow either of these diets.
An analysis of a sub-cohort of 33,000 women further indicated that the percentage of the reduction in risk of hearing loss may be even greater than 30% and may be linked with the AMED diet.

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