Volunteers from a wide spectrum of backgrounds are coming together at QF’s Al-Mujadilah Centre and Mosque for Women to serve the community during Ramadan.
Established in January 2024, Al-Mujadilah Centre and Mosque for Women is dedicated to supporting Muslim women and fostering society. It offers a blend of religious, developmental and social programmes for Muslim women.
Ranaa Smith, head of events and outreach at Al-Mujadilah, emphasised the importance of volunteering and how it is a reflection of the centre’s values, saying: “Al Mujadilah’s core values are dignity, service, integrity and knowledge, and our volunteers are a living embodiment of these values.”
With Al-Mujadilah offering volunteering opportunities during Taraweeh and Qiyaam prayers, Smith explained that, when seeking volunteers, specific qualities or skills are sought to enhance the impact of the centre’s Ramadan initiatives.
“Al-Mujadilah takes great care to ensure that all volunteers are adequately prepared to fulfil their roles with proficiency and compassion,” she said. “Our volunteers are engaged members of our growing community who are committed to ensuring that Al-Mujadilah is a place that welcomes women from all backgrounds.”
“During Ramadan and throughout the year, we want everyone at Al-Mujadilah to feel welcome and have a meaningful and fulfilling experience.”
Faizah Abdullah was among those who joined the volunteer team during Ramadan whose role included welcoming worshippers, guiding them to the centre’s designated prayer area and answering their queries.
And her most cherished moment came on the 10th night of Ramadan, when a woman from Spain embraced Islam at Al-Mujadilah. “Simply being present there as a volunteer reaffirmed the profound reasons behind my commitment to volunteering,” she said. “It’s a memory that I hold dear in my heart.”
Noura Faraj Abuzuwair, another volunteer, cited her love for initiating goodness during Ramadan as the driving force behind her volunteerism.
“I’m constantly eager to discover volunteering opportunities through social media, so when I discovered this particular one through Al-Mujadilah’s social media account, I knew I couldn’t miss it,” she said.
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