Souq Waqif Eid festivities a huge draw

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Souq Waqif Eid festivities a huge draw Titan­ — the Robot wows the crowd.
2:12 AM

By Joey Aguilar

Staff Reporter


The Eid al-Adha celebrations in Souq Waqif have once again attracted thousands of visitors with a variety of performances from 4.30pm.

Artistes dressed in unique and artistically-made costumes enthralled the crowd with their opening salvo, a colourful parade which proceeded down the main street of the Souq.

Stilt walkers and jugglers entertained passersby and those in coffee shops and some restaurants.

“They look more appealing and charming than last year. I don’t know how but maybe because of their costumes and the way they performed today,” said Julius, a freelance photographer in Doha, who had the chance to take pictures of the whole parade.

Like other lensmen who often find time to shoot pictures, he had been covering every event in Doha to pursue his passion.

He noted that photographers will always be interested to visit Qatar’s heritage district because it gives them excellent subjects to shoot.

While Souq hosts a number of entertainment shows until evening, Julius was amazed with Titan – the Robot.

It caught also the attention of hundreds of spectators both adults and children.

“It’s like a real robot, I know a human controls it but you will be surprised with the way he moves,” he said. Titan also entertained the crowd with its dance performance accompanied by music.

Two European female expatriates also enjoyed the shows such as the jugglers, magician on stick, and the African dancers.

Katy and Tracey, who were both taking pictures, told Gulf Times that it was their first time to see such performers in Doha.

“It’s fantastic but I wish there could be more so people will really enjoy and have fun this Eid al-Adha,” said Katy.

These shows including Bjorn the Polar Bear and Manyard Flipflap normally start at 4.30pm. A second session begins at 6pm and the third at 8.30pm, all held in Souq Alley.

The Snow White show starts at 5.30pm for the first part while the second part starts at 7.30pm, held at Al Rayyan Theatre.

Hundreds of young and old Qataris, as well as expatriates and tourists from different GCC countries swarmed in an area adjacent to Ahmad Square to watch a live traditional Arabic musical show.

A giant inflated bouncy castle was also set up for hundreds of kids who wanted to try some of the games and mini competitions.

Residents have been advised to come as early as possible, around 3pm, to avoid heavy traffic and to secure a better parking slot. Many of those who arrived in Souq at 5pm were stuck on the road for more than an hour and had to park 300 to 500m away from the venues.

Souq Waqif also hosts some indoor and outdoor attractions which will run until Sunday. These include Trampoline, Circus Mother Africa, Ian Merchant, Live Statue and Dave Chameleon.


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