* QIIB CEO said 'detailed plan' drawn up to ensure 'smooth and uninterrupted' banking services during World Cup
Aided by “digital transformation”, QIIB is all set to meet the needs of customers and visitors to the country during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, according to CEO Dr Abdulbasit Ahmed al-Shaibei.
“We launched many services within the framework of digital transformation, which constitute a qualitative addition during the World Cup, such as digital contactless payments of various kinds. These include payments through wearable devices ‘Fitbit’ and ‘Garmin’. We also launched digital wallets – Apple pay, Google pay and Samsung pay – which make online and mobile purchases easy,” al-Shaibei said in an interview with Gulf Times yesterday.
In order to test the bank’s “ability to withstand the pressure on the services and the network” during the greatest sporting spectacle on earth, al-Shaibei noted, “We conducted stress tests through qualified and specialised companies, and these tests are an essential part of preparing for the World Cup.”
The QIIB CEO said a “detailed plan” had been drawn up to ensure “smooth and uninterrupted” banking services during the World Cup.
Al-Shaibei said, “To ensure that our fans and customers do not face any issues with regard to money transfer or accessing ATMs during the World Cup, we have made elaborate arrangements. In this respect, we are working closely with money transfer companies and those responsible for feeding the ATMs.
“Our call centre is ever alert and is also fully ready to meet the needs of our customers and thousands of fans visiting the country during the World Cup. We are sure; God willing, Qatar’s banking sector is 100% ready to play its role in serving visitors to the fullest during the World Cup," the prominent Qatari banker noted.
As an “integral part” of the country’s economic system, Qatari banks, al-Shaibei emphasised, “have a duty and great responsibility” in the success of the World Cup events.
“This World Cup is one of the prominent titles that show the prestigious position of the State of Qatar at all levels under the wise leadership of His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.
“We at QIIB are ready to provide various banking services during the World Cup, to all fans; whether they are Qatar residents or guests coming from outside. Our role is to facilitate access to banking services for everyone, while they stay in our country.
“At QIIB, we have made many preparations for the World Cup as is the case with all banks, in co-operation with the banking sector’s supervisory authorities, who have developed many plans in order to enhance the banking sector’s contribution to the success of the World Cup and provide us with all kinds of required support and assistance,” al-Shaibei noted.
Highlighting some of the cutting-edge products and services that QIIB launched this year, he said, "Perhaps the most important thing we have done at QIIB this year is to enhance digital transformation in an unprecedented way. We have turned challenges associated with the pandemic into a golden opportunity to develop our work mechanisms. As a result, most banking services are available through our various digital channels.
"Besides Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, we also began issuing digital bank cards and Western Union services (for money transfer to international accounts). On the corporate side, we launched two new corporate branches in key locations - the first on Salwa Road and the second in the New Industrial Area."