The expected arrival of millions of FIFA World Cup fans and other visitors for the tournament will play a key role in cementing Qatar’s position on the global tourism map, a travel agency official has said.
The 2022 FIFA World Cup will kick off on November 20 and will culminate in spectacular fashion on December 18 when Qatar celebrates its national day, authorities have announced previously.
For Anshad Ebrahim, regional manager of Akbar Travels of India, the month-long tournament provides ample opportunity for Qatar to showcase not only its culture and heritage but its scenic and unique destinations across varied locations in the country.
“Football is a much-loved sport around the world; needless to say, this event will be followed by millions throughout the tournament until the championship, which will be added value for Qatar as a country and as a tourist destination,” Ebrahim told Gulf Times yesterday.
He said: “I am sure Katara, Lusail, and the Sealine beach areas would be some of the most attractive spots and must-see destinations to explore, among the many other places tourists would be visiting when they are not watching the tournament.”
Similar to other travel agencies in the country, Ebrahim noted that Akbar Travels has been gearing up to prepare for the influx of tourists for the World Cup, as well as after the tournament.
“The World Cup is such a popular event and the highlight that Qatar is hosting this football tournament this year is a proud moment for all of us. As a travel agent, we have been preparing for this event for a while now.
“As Akbar Travels, we are able to market the World Cup via packages through our extensive network of offices. This event will boost the tourism potential of the country and propel Qatar to one of the must-see destinations in the region,” Ebrahim explained.
He also expressed optimism about the gains and benefits that businesses in the travel and tourism industry, as well as the hospitality sector, would reap after Qatar successfully hosts football’s biggest tournament.
“We are extremely optimistic that this event will be a saving grace for every vertical of the tourism industry, especially the hospitality industry, which has been preparing extensively, so that the tourists can have a memorable experience and that we get repeat customers, as well to develop a robust tourism industry,” Ebrahim stressed.
He added: “As a key player in Qatar’s travel and tourism sector, we have always focused on developing the tourism potential of the country. We should make sure that the popularity that we would enjoy during the World Cup should be maximised, and that we showcase Qatar as a preferred destination for tourists wanting to visit the Middle East.”
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