Qatar's construction sector presented a rosy picture this October, explained by a robust double-digit year-on-year rise in the building permits issued, according to the official data.
The total building permits issued saw a 41.9% growth on an annualised basis with those issued in Doha having more than doubled in the review period, said the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA).
A total of 972 building permits were issued in October this year with Al Rayyan, Doha and Al Wakra constituting more than 70% of the total.
Total building permits issued in Doha saw a huge 125.2% surge on a yearly basis, followed by Al Rayyan (56.2%), Al Daayen (36.6%), Al Wakra (14.9%), Al Shamal (12.5%) and Umm Slal (5%); even as Al Khor reported 12.5% decline and Al Shahaniya (8.3%).
The building permits data is of particular importance as it is considered an indicator for the performance of the construction sector which in turn occupies a significant position in the national economy.
Of the total number of new building permits issued, Al Rayyan constituted 264 permits or 27% of the total, Doha 232 (24%), Al Wakra 185 (19%), Al Daayen 153 (16%), Umm Slal 63 (6%), Al Khor 35 (4%), Al Shahaniya 22 (2%) and Al Shamal 18 (2%).
On a monthly basis, the total building permits in the country issued saw a 10% increase with Al Daayen witnessing 32% jump, Umm Slal (24%), Al Wakra and Al Shamal (13% each), Al Shahaniya (10%), Al Rayyan (6%) and Doha (2%); whereas Al Khor registered a 13% contraction.
The new building permits (residential and non-residential) constituted 37% (355 permits) of the total issued in October 2022, additions 61% (595 permits) and fencing 2% (22 permits).
Of the new residential buildings permits, villas topped the list, accounting for 91% (252 permits) of the total, dwellings of housing loans 4% (11) and apartments 4% (10).
Among the non-residential sector, commercial structures accounted for 58% or 45 permits, the industrial buildings as workshops and factories 23% (18 permits) and governmental buildings 8% (six permits).
Qatar saw a strong 50.1% year-on-year expansion in the total building completion certificates issued in October 2022 with Al Shahaniya witnessing 127.3%, Umm Slal (105.6%), Al Wakra (74.6%), Al Daayen (71.4%), Al Khor (55.6%), Al Shamal (50%), Al Rayyan (26.7%) and Doha (13%).
The country saw a total of 515 building completion certificates issued in October 2022, of which 421 or 82% was for the new buildings (residential and non-residential) and 94 or 18% for additions.
Of the total number of new building completion certificates issued in the review period, Al Wakra constituted 24% or 124 certificates, Al Rayyan 22% or 114, Al Daayen 21% or 108, Doha 17% or 87, Umm Slal 7% or 37, Al Shahaniya 5% or 25, Al Khor 3% or 14 and Al Shamal 2% or six certificates.
Of the 314 residential buildings completion certificates issued, as many as 250 or 83% were for villas and 39 or 12% for apartments.
Of the 250 villas completion certificates issued this October, as many as 72 were in Al Rayyan, 56 in Al Daayen, 53 in Al Wakra, 27 in Umm Slal, 21 in Doha, eight each in Al Khor and Shahaniya and five in Al Shamal.
In the case of 39 apartments, Doha issued 21 certificates, Al Rayyan 12, Al Daayen five and Al Khor one.
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