The General Directorate of Traffic has issued a set of rules and regulations for delivery motorbikes operating in Qatar.
The new measures will be enforced from November 15 in line the first clause of Article 85, Traffic Law No 19/2007.
The new measures were announced at a press conference organised by the directorate on control measures for delivery motorbikes.
It was attended by assistant director-general of Traffic Brigadier Nasser Dorman al-Mufqai, Traffic Safety Department director Brigadier Mohamed Abdul Rahim Marafih, and representatives of different delivery companies.
The press meet was held at the General Directorate of Traffic's auditorium in Madinat Khalifa.
Traffic Awareness Department director Brigadier Dr Mohamed Radi al-Hajri explained the new rules and conditions for delivery bikes, which are aimed at setting control measures for this category of road users.

He presented the first clause of Article 85 of Traffic Law No 19/2007, noting that it stipulates that the load must be placed on top of the vehicle, and it should be organised, arranged and fixed or tied in a safe way so that it is not prone to moving or falling.
Brigadier al-Hajri also explained the Executive Regulations of the Traffic Law about the specifications of the box, stating that the delivery box shall be firmly fixed and equipped with suitable and sufficient vibration dampers and that its dimensions shall be within the following limits:

* Rear or front box: its length should not exceed 120cm and its width is not more than 60cm, the length of the box with the motorcycle is not more than 3m, and its height should not be more than 120cm above the ground, provided that it does not block the driver's view.

* Sidebox:
its length should not be more than the length of the bicycle, and its width not more than 60cm. Its height above the ground should be maximum 120cm.
Brig al-Hajri said that these measures come within the framework of the directorate's keenness to achieve security and safety on the roads and reduce the number of deaths resulting from traffic accidents in light of the steady growth in and the increasing demand for delivery services, according to a press statement from the Ministry of Interior.
He noted that these controls are based on the recommendations of a workshop organised by the directorate with the relevant authorities.
“They include many requirements for the rider, motorcycle and delivery box,” he said.

Brig al-Hajri urged the owners of companies to abide by the new controls and requirements.
He noted that failure to do so violates Clause 3, Article 85 of the Traffic Law, and the fine for this is QR1,500.
Technical Inspection Department head Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Jarallah al-Baridi explained some observations and violations related to motorcyclists, such as using the first row at intersections and traffic signals, and carrying goods in a bag on the riders' back, which causes imbalance.
He also shed light on violations related to the conditions of the box, lights and helmet and adherence to the periodic inspection of motorcycles.
In press statements to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), Traffic Awareness Department director Lieutenant-General Jaber Mohamed Odaiba said that there has been a continuous increase – in the recent period – in the number of motorcycle accidents involving delivery personnel due to non-compliance with public safety requirements.
In a related context, the General Directorate of Traffic officer Major Saleh al-Nabit told the QNA that the ultimate goal of organising the functioning process of order delivery-designated motorcycles is to achieve traffic safety for road users and to present a decent, civilised image for everyone.
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