After two successful years of delivery service, the Guilt Free Company launched its dining service on September 31.
The restaurant is located in the chic neighbourhood of the Pearl, Marina, Tower 16, with a sea view.

Cortado, espresso, hot chocolate, macchiato, cappucino

Snickers bar

Rainbow pancake

The Guilt Free Company, an iconic lifestyle company made in Qatar, promotes health, through nutrition and fitness, and socio-environmental awareness. Good nutrition is offered by way of healthier choices.
The Guilt Free Company’s initial intention is to start with changing peoples’ opinions and beliefs about nutrition, to encourage strong convictions and optimise their health on a long-term basis.

Banana bread

Monster cookies

Snickers cake

The Guilt Free Company’s innovation consists of providing healthy and delicious food and beverages with natural ingredients with a view to educate people to make better nutrition choices.
The Guilt Free Company’s key ingredients comprise super foods and organic and fresh ingredients, their bread and tacos are gluten free and baked in-house. A closer look shows GFC’s love for raw, organic and natural healthy food. One can eat even sweet food and still feel good, guilt-free and look great. As sugar is proven to be very addictive, GFC offers guilt-free options with natural sweeteners.

Rip eye beef burger

Spirulina latte

Black beans quiona salad

Flower bomb

The Guilt Free Company’s products provide healthy fats for body and brain functions. Replete with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, they can be ideal pre-workout and post-work out treats, meeting energy demands and facilitating proper muscle growth.
The Guilt Free Company’s best sellers include Black beans quinoa salad, Rip eye beef burger, Snickers cake, Banana bread, Rainbow pancake, Spirulina latte, Flower bomb, Snickers bar, and Monster cookies.
The Guilt Free Company has its own online store and delivery system, apart from a strong presence on platforms such as talabat, Carriage, Rafeeq, Deliveroo and Snoonu.
To get in touch
Tel.: +974 5033 9033
Email: [email protected]
Web: the
Facebook and Instagram: m/theguiltfreecompany
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