Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) is planning to gift some innovative, organic and nutritional food products for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, chairman Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabor al-Thani told Gulf Times.
“We are in discussion with a group of researchers who have developed some healthy food that can help cancer patients, especially during the chemotherapy or radiotherapy period. Pending all the government and regulatory approvals, we plan to introduce it at the earliest possible, mostly by early 2023,” he explained in an interview.
“ It is very difficult for cancer patients, during chemotherapy or radiotherapy, to eat. I met two scientists who have developed this food basket and discussed the feasibility of getting this novel organic food for our patients at discounted price so that we can gift it to our patients to support them in their hour of need,” explained Sheikh Dr Khalid.
The QCS chairman said the programme will be discussed in detail at the next board meeting of QCS and a final decision taken on the modalities.
“This food can be used as a chocolate bar as well as other types of food. It is all organic and has all the nutrients that a patient under treatment needs. As the patients cannot properly eat or have a proper meal during a chemo or radiotherapy, this would fulfill their needs,” he continued.
Sheikh Dr Khalid noted that the food basket can be conveniently consumed by the patients during the course of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
“We are looking at the feasibility of providing the food basket to the eligible patients and we have to look at the cost factor. It all depends on the board decision about the financing part of it or getting a suitable sponsor for the programme. It will be very helpful for the patients as they eat only a little but it gives all the requirements that they need for the body,” he remarked.
As for the new type of food, Sheikh Dr Khalid said that one of the scientists had in fact developed it for his wife who was undergoing treatment for cancer. He described: “They started a research about the right amount of food and nutrients that a cancer patient needs, did all the work and developed the food. In the beginning they used to make it at their house for their personal needs and later they turned commercial.”
"Once we get the board approval, we have to approach other regulatory bodies for necessary permission to use the food. We need to get regulatory approvals from various organisations, government approvals that includes the Ministry of Public Health as well as other healthcare institutions in the country,” he added.
The chairman added that QCS will enter into some major collaborations with several organisations in the country very soon that will help the society to efficiently continue the fight against cancer.
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