The reopened Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) has 11 interactive terminals for families and children to learn about Islamic culture and civilisation, Sheikha al-Nasr, deputy director for Museum Affairs, told local Arabic daily Arrayah.
"We seek to teach children through practical experience, where they will be able to enlarge a coin or manuscript, and look at its details and then make a coin of their own. We also have a scent terminal where children learn the secrets of trade through smell, or make their own palace in the exhibition hall dedicated to Andalusia," she explained.
Regarding the museum's preparations to receive visitors arriving for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the official said the entrance has been redesigned to receive a larger number of visitors.
"We have dedicated a 3D exhibition hall. As for the halls, we made a new track and displayed collectibles, 70% of them will be presented to the public for the first time, so that visitors can learn about Islamic civilisation and art."
Regarding the renovations that were included she said: “We allocated the Majlis hall for video presentations to tell the story of the MIA building and its architectural design, and its relationship with the modern architecture of Doha."
Recalling that the renovation project took six years of research, al-Nasr stressed that the most important tasks were choosing the best ways to select, restore, and present art pieces. She referred to the difficulties that the museum staff faced during the assembling of a sitting room taken from a nineteenth century Damascus house, which consisted of about 170 antiques, and 280 stone pieces.
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