*First in-person World Innovation Summit for Health since 2018 opens at Multaqa, Education City Sheikha Moza underlines the strong connection that links health and sports

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation (QF) highlighted the need for ‘transformative events to inspire individuals and remind them of the responsibility towards their personal health and their community’ while opening the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) 2022, Tuesday.
“There can be no substitute for the essential work done by the medical practitioners, researchers and doctors who deliver quality healthcare to patients worldwide. Nonetheless, there is room for preventative practices that can take place prior to patients seeing their doctors. We look towards transformative events to inspire individuals and remind them of their responsibility towards their personal health and their community,” stressed Sheikha Moza.
Welcoming the delegates to WISH Summit, QF' global healthcare initiative, Sheikha Moza highlighted: “Welcome to the first World Innovation Summit for Health held in-person since 2018. As you well know, in a few weeks’ time, Qatar will also host another international event – the FIFA World Cup. Two core ideas form the strong connection that links our summit to the World Cup: Health and Sports.”
“WISH has always been a summit of big ideas. This year our themes are many, with one overarching goal – a search for solutions to enable all of us to live balanced, safe and healthy lives. For instance, how to avoid mental fatigue, burn-out, and unhealthy eating habits. These are fundamental challenges to contemporary society,” explained, Sheikha Moza.
“This is where sports and exercise play a huge role, as participation is unlimited by age or class, but open to all. The world of health and fitness is broad, and everyone can find something to suit their interests and capabilities. Sports and fitness can be professions for those with talent, hobbies for those who enjoy them and are necessities for all according to ability,” she continued.
The QF chairperson noted that exercise needs to be a fundamental part of people’s lives. Sheikha Moza said: “When we make exercise a fundamental part of our lives and a consistent part in our daily routine, we create space for stability and creativity. We need new and innovative ways to encourage patients to become active participants in the healthcare process so that they become our partners in building an effective and robust global healthcare system.”
“We can do this by making basic information on health and fitness accessible to everyone – so that while professionals are busy researching pressing healthcare challenges, individuals play their parts by exercising. This may seem obvious, but underscoring the importance of exercise and sport really is at the heart of achieving healthy living for individuals, communities and the world,” pointed out, Sheikha Moza.
“Big sporting events always have been a source of inspiration, motivating Qatar to host the FIFA World Cup, breathing new life into our country. Events such as these can inspire us all, here in Qatar and across the world, to re-build our healthcare systems, making them robust and accessible to all,” Sheikha Moza added.
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