* The new Widam company in Tanzania will be specialised in trading and exporting meat to Qatar and the region

Widam Food Company, the main supplier of meat and livestock in Qatar, has announced the start of procedures for establishing ‘Widam Tanzania’ Company, which is specialised in trading and exporting meat to the Qatari market and the region.
On the occasion, Widam chairman Mohamed al-Sada expressed his happiness to establish Widam Tanzania, which is specialised in trading and exporting meat to provide products to consumers at competitive prices.
Al-Sada also indicated that the new company's imports of meat will contribute to covering the growing demand locally and supporting the state’s food security, in light of the inflation witnessed by meat prices worldwide.
Also, the establishment of Widam Tanzania aims at enhancing meat import operations from global meat-exporting countries to Qatar and the region, such as the Republic of Tanzania, whose products have witnessed a growth and popularity in their sales in the recent period, due to their quality and competitive prices. Widam has expanded its import network, which has now reached 25 countries around the world, with the aim of diversifying import sources to provide the best products at the lowest cost to serve consumers.
In addition, Widam Tanzania will work on to supply sheep and veal meat to Qatar, and the presence of a branch of the company in Tanzania will allow it to monitor the quality of products and processes to ensure compliance with specifications.
Widam has already supplied shipments of Tanzanian meat to the local market since the beginning of the last year.
Widam supplies meat to a number of Arab countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman and Jordan.
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