All of us know the brands that he represents and many of us have used or experienced the quality of service and care. But we rarely know the man behind some of Qatar’s most enchanting brands including Naseem Medical Centre, Naseem Dental Centre, Premium Naseem, Landroyal, ABM4 Trading, Focus, and QISH.
     Mohammed Miandad V P, the Chairman and Managing Director of 33 Holdings, is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with various product and service line companies to his credit as founder, investor, executive head, and many more. When he decided to create a personal
In conversation with Mohammed Miandad VP, Chairman and Managing Director of 33 Holdings and the Managing Director of Naseem Healthcare, who touches our lives through a wide range of service and product line companies including Land Royal, QISH, QPR, ABM4 Trading, Dentcare and Focus where he serves as investor, executive head, and so on.
brand under 33 Holdings as a knowledge powerhouse to drive his business initiatives, someone asked him about his most favourite of the 33 companies that he is part of. His answer was the epitome of the man he is. “I don’t have any favourite and no special reservation to any brand. Every brand has its role and it contributes to the ecosystem in more than one way.”

Throughout his business career, the 36-year-old Kerala-born businessman has positioned diversifying business at the core of his focus. This resulted in the creation of 33 companies in different industries, operating from seven countries and reaching over 20 countries.  Employing more than 1500 employees with an annual pay-out of USD 20 million, his business network is on rapid growth with new expansion plans to UK, Africa, Dubai, and India.   
During his busy traveling schedule, Gulf Times finds time for chit-chat with Miandad. Though a man of fewer or little words, Miandad was accurate and quick with his answers that often come directly from his heart.  
“Becoming an entrepreneur was never an easy task for me”, he started speaking about his business career. “It was a long and careful journey. I have learned many things along the way that enriched my day-to-day life. I always try to look at every business from its customers’ point and how to add value to their life and work. It helped me develop simple yet impactful innovations from my first business venture ABM4 trades in Kerala, dealing with Greenlam – the leading laminate brand in India. It was immediately after I completed my higher education from London’s Middlesex University. It was not an instant success. I had to experiment with various dealer offer models to zero in on the right strategy. Finally, we started hitting the right stroke of progress. ABM4 started breaking business into a profitable and thriving trading company,” he added.  
 With these results, he started getting the most-needed energy to focus and drive business across various industries. And, came Naseem; 17 years ago, it was a small dental clinic with a single dentist, from where it has grown to the position of countries’ one of the largest private healthcare service providers with three million plus patients served from 161 nationalities. Under the brands Naseem Medical Centre, Naseem Dental Centre, and Premium Naseem, the brand is now known for its quality care with a new surgical centre that is about to launch this year.

Naseem Healthcare has recently launched a mobile dental unit, which is first of its kind in the country with facilities to conduct all major dental procedures inside a van or at the comfort of your home. “This 24-hour service is a culmination of long-time requests from our guests and it results in delivering better and timely dental services across Doha”, said Miandad. In the coming days, the brand is looking for more such customer centric services with a vision to provide easy access to better care. Preventive healthcare and early diagnosis are the two areas of focus to the brand currently.

The fully equipped radiology department of Naseem is now designing and developing prevention-based diagnostic packages for all major lifestyle diseases that help the patrons to live healthy and happy. Naseem surgical centre, first-of-its-kind day care surgery centre in the country – starts operations and awaiting a public launch in a few days. This will transform the way patients get treatment on some pain-invoking conditions across various departments. We are planning for a massive patient-friendly free surgeries in the coming months to share happiness among the communities we live.  

ABM4 Qatar is now playing a big role in augmenting the clinical practise in dentistry through a series of training programs for the dentists, creating platform of clinical inter-action among the highly-trained professionals. A manufacturer, importer, and distributor of medical equipment, especially dental supplies across Qatar, ABM4 is working beyond its regular distributor role and it is now widely appreciated across the medical community”, Miandad added. With complete digitally equipped manufacturing and export of fine range of world-class dental prostheses, Dentcare Dental Lab, Qatar serves some of the major entities in the industry and are primary choice for their superlative services in Qatar. “Growing exceptionally positive is this brand, Dentcare has commenced exports to Europe and South America as well” Miandad stated.

“In 2014, I got an opportunity to propel the dream journey of one of my constant companion from childhood, Mr. Zuhair Azad. The venture that was already up and running was impelled, with backing from one of my long-time school friend and partner in Azda Holdings, a talented businessman Mr. Selil Moideen,” Miandad remembers. Land Royal is a real estate venture founded in Qatar, which is a pioneering brand in property development and management in the Middle East, currently operating more than 1000 units. “During World Cup 2022, with Qatar witnessing a boom in real estate market, Landroyal will play a leading role as one of the best property management companies”, he added.

Qatar Institute for speech and hearing - QISH is a medical center for addressing the problems faced by children and adults with special needs, hearing loss, speech difficulties, psychological disorders, and physical disability. “If you ask me, I find myself very fortunate to have associated with Mr. Niyas Kavungal and his team, and their humanitarian efforts in his brand QISH. It is a very different brand that we currently run and operate. The results from QISH always make us happy and give us great pleasure. That is a different feeling,” he said.

“Our approach in Africa would be the same”, Miandad replied to a question on the brand’s new expansion to the once-a-dark continent. 33 Holdings is expanding its business to African markets under the brand name Medinova. The lack of caregivers is the biggest challenge the country currently faces and we are trying to bridge this gap by bringing well-trained medical staff from across the globe to the country after a considerable time of training at Naseem in Qatar. It would create a better life scenario for the people in the country. We will start operating in the country a couple of months from now. It launches my next set of business expansion and I am thrilled about it”, he enthusiastically added.

Seeing his vision in his eyes, we are sure 33 is not just a number. It is a code of a drastically changing business ecosystem. It is here, among us, to change the way we live our everyday life.

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