The Sharia and Religious Guidance Unit of the Qatari Haj Mission held a meeting with the Legal (Shariah) guides accompanying the Qatari Haj campaigns, to determine their preparations for religious awareness and guidance, and to provide moral and faith support to pilgrims, in the presence of HE the Minister of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs, head of the Qatari Haj Mission, Ghanem bin Shaheen al-Ghanem.

During the meeting, HE the Minister and the head of the mission underlined the prominent role of the legal (Shariah) guides in educating the pilgrims and guiding them towards a correct understanding of the rituals and performing them with spirituality and piety, adhering to the principles and morals of Islam and being patient in obedience and crowding in performing this duty, which brings together millions of Muslims from all over the world.

HE the Minister urged them to take advantage of these times in remembrance, supplication, and reading the Qur'an, and for every pilgrim to be careful to complete rituals in the correct manner to gain the great reward for the Haj obligation, and return from it pure as the day his mother gave birth to him.

The mission called on all legal (Shariah) guides in the campaigns to fully cooperate with all pilgrims during their performance of rituals and their stay in the camps in the Holy Sites, stressing that the State is making every effort to serve the pilgrims of Qatar and all campaigns and facilitate their affairs, so that the Haj season to be distinguished and exceptional, by providing services ensuring satisfaction and safety of all the pilgrims, including preparing all means that would facilitate the performance of the Haj.

For his part, Dr Mohamed Mahmoud al-Mahmoud, head of the Sharia and Religious Guidance Unit at the Haj Mission, said: "The legal conditions in the Qatari Haj campaigns are reassuring and auspicious, and planning for the rituals and the Haj route is going smoothly," affirming the readiness of the pilgrims of Qatar to perform the rituals.

He explained that the Legal (Shariah) guides who were chosen to accompany the Qatari campaigns during this years Haj season are mostly Qatari preachers qualified to guide and issue fatwas regarding Haj rituals, and they perform their work of preaching, guiding, issuing fatwas, and explaining the correct Haj rulings to the pilgrims of Qatar.

He called on the campaigners to cooperate with the Legal (Shariah) guides, stressing that the places and camps in Al Mashaer are fully prepared with all services and facilities to receive pilgrims and perform the Haj.

The meeting also discussed some of the legal issues that were presented to the members of the Shariah Unit and the guides during the last period, regarding the provisions of Haj and emerging issues in the jurisprudential aspects of this obligation, and agreement was made on the approved fatwas regarding them, and the recommendations of the Shariah Unit and religious guidance in the mission were taken into account.
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