Qatari company Alaraby Television will provide 'the best news service possible' to its audience, featuring documentaries, investigative stories, and TV programmes, output manager Mahmoud Omar said.
Alaraby TV network is moving both its channels Alaraby and Alaraby 2 to the new studios in Lusail City. The multi-platform entertainment and cultural channel, offers Arab viewers a bouquet of programmes ranging from music, art, society, comedy, drama, films and documentaries.

The total headquarters area is about 6,500sq m, of which 4,500 sq m are allocated for studios and service areas

“In our editorial agenda, we have a special interest in human stories, and in matters that interact with people’s daily lives, in addition to the big stories,” he said on the sidelines of a media tour Wednesday at the new headquarters.
Alaraby TV will cover the latest in politics, sociology, business, culture, and the arts, a statement said. The political news channel will follow developments, presents news, and analyse the various dimensions and implications of events, and prioritise integrity and objectivity.
Alaraby TV provides accurate information in its news and political segments, fortified by a sober and in-depth reading that relies on diverse points of view, it was explained.
“Our grid starts with a morning news show and ends with an analysis news show. In between everything that matters to our viewers here in the Middle East and beyond will be dealt with,” Omar said.

Mahmoud Omar

About its new home at Burj Alfardan in Lusail, he said: “We have the very latest in the TV industry, this is a plug-and-play facility, also a full IP (internet protocol) TV. We have the best in terms of camera robotics and editing software, including the latest in Avid for the newsroom.”
Equipped with the latest in broadcast technology, Alaraby’s new studios add “fascinating visual effects to professionalism and objectivity, in pursuit of competence and excellency”.
The total headquarters area is about 6,500sqm, of which 4,500sqm are allocated for studios and service areas, particularly the 360-degree technology. It is supported by smart cameras and screens, and the OLED transparent screens, marking a debut in a live news studio. This comes alongside devices that support Virtual Reality, and the latest lighting systems.

Content creators at work in Alaraby TV's digital department.

Omar said that Alaraby TV, which broadcasts interactive news bulletins, covers news round the clock, and features a range of talk shows, political satirical programmes, documentaries, and investigative films, has about 70 reporters around the world and plans to increase its network of reporters and correspondents.
“We cover internationally but obviously we have a special interest in the Middle East and it's a first,” he said.
Alaraby TV’s two-hour morning news show, Sabah Jadeed, underlines the latest events and developments, as well as presents interesting technology, economy, and social media-related content to its audience, especially Arab viewers, the statement said.
Alaraby accounts on social media platforms are among the most followed, with a number exceeding 45mn on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
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